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Nov 24, 2010 05:21 PM

What to do with leftover popovers?

OK, I recently asked this question about madeleines, and you were all very helpful. (It occurred to me also that tiramisu would be a good use for leftover madeleines).

Now the question is about popovers. Whether "plain" or topped with gruyere (a la BLT Steak), if all the popovers don't get eaten, can they be reheated for another meal? And if so, how? Or are they destined to be used some other way, and if so, what?

Thanks for all input.

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  1. well, you "can" reheat/crisp them up (try a 325-degree oven for 5-10 minutes), but they won't be nearly as good as they are when freshly baked.

    use them as a base for strata or bread pudding (sweet or savory depending on the popover).

    for sweet/plain popovers, crisp in the oven for a few minutes, slice open, stuff with your favorite cannoli, custard, cheesecake or cream puff filling, drizzle with sauce (chocolate, caramel, fruit, creme anglaise...), and enjoy.

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      Good advice from goodhealthgourmet. Anytime I have leftover BLT popovers, they end up crisping/slightly toasting in the convection oven. Add some Plugra, fleur de sel, and a fresh egg and you have a wonderful morning to relive the previous night!

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        They will heat up wonderfully and easily and should be served with butter and jam.

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        Well, it's my question also. How do they do it in the restaurant!? Don't tell me that you've got to wait 50 minutes before getting your popovers served! Because that's the minimum time one needs to serve them fresh (5 minutes preparation, 40 minutes of baking, 5 minutes to bring them to your table). So, I think they bake them in advance. But how long in advance? When people visit your restaurant, attracted by your fantastic popovers, you cannot just tell them you are "out of stock" ! So, can you bake them in advance, or can you reheat them (how long - what temperature), if you freeze them after cooling down, do you still make a hole in the top of the popovers to let the steam out ??? I really like to know, so visitors shouldn't phone me when they want to taste my popovers. Many thanks in advance.

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          Restaurants that serve really good popovers to all customers probably have them baking continuously, and serve them hot out of the oven. Or that's what they should do. There is a restaurant in my neighborhood that serves popovers at the beginning of the meal and they are clearly baked in advance. By the time they arrive at the table, they're deflated, the inside is soggy, and they're not at all the way a popover should be. This restaurant would be much better off serving good bread or rolls instead.

      3. leftover popovers?!? whats that?

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          That's EXACTLY what I was going to ask. Sounds like an oxymoron to me.

        2. Squish and make bread pudding out of them.

          1. I think that the trick with any bread/roll type item ist to freeze them as soon as possible, not let them get stale. Then they'll reheat in a medium oven very nicely, sometimes even better than on the first day.

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              I'm going to freeze mine tonight. Thanks for the tip