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Smith Island Cakes for sale in Baltimore area?

A friend is hosting a Chesapeake Bay themed party, and is looking for a whole Smith Island Cake to serve. These are cakes originally made on Smith Island in the Bay, but now that this is the official Maryland State Cake (!) we thought they might be available on the western shore. Web advertised cakes, from the Eastern Shore, have prohibitive mailing fees.
Any local bakers who make a good rendition of this cake?

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  1. Sugarbaker's in Catonsville does. It's pricey, but it's good.

    1. I've never understood how it is different from a dobosh torte, but given the theme of the party, I can see why they would want the "authentic" local version. They can be ordered from the Smith Island Baking Company: http://www.smithislandbakingco.com/

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        I think the dobosh torte comes in different flavors??? Not sure. But I do know the Smith Island Cake is always yellow cake with chocolate frosting. I didn't really care for Sugarbaker's version, but I've never had one from Smith Island so it could be fairly authentic, I don't know.

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          Yes dobosh torte is available in different flavors, though the traditional is yellow cake with chocolate frosting. But then after looking at the Smith Island Banking Company website, it looks like Smith Island cake is also available in different flavors. At the end of the day, it is just very thin cake layers.

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            I looked a Web site that sells Smith Island cakes and a recipe for them. From what I saw (I don't know anything about these cakes, but I do know dobos torta - used to make it myself, but have been too lazy to do so for years) - one difference is that the top of a dobos torta is made from caramelized sugar. Also, there is way more butter in the recipe for dobos torta that I used than is in the recipe for Smith Island cake.

            I've also never seen a dobos torta in flavors other than yellow cake/chocolate buttercream frosting. It's certainly possible that it exists, but the original is just that combination.

            And, to put this back to the B-W area, where does one find a good dobos torta these days? I live in Northern Virginia, but would be interested in anywhere in the area where I could find one.

      2. Not sure how far you want to travel, but Carolines Cakes in the moribund Mikasa outlet center on Route 50 just prior to the Bay Bridge offers a number of varieties of layer cakes similar to SICs. I'm particularly fond of the coconut and caramel cakes. They also sell by the slice and half cake, if you want to get a couple. They do have a website.

        1. WTOP is reporting that Giant is going to be selling "mini" Smith Island Cakes.

          The Original Smith Island Cake Co., based in Ocean City, Md (NOT on Smith Island)., is distributing mini versions of the cakes to some Giant Food stores in the Maryland suburbs and in Northern Virginia.

          Store locations include those in Alexandria, Annapolis, Bethesda, Clarksville, Clifton, East Vienna, Falls Church, Germantown, McLean, Potomac, Rockville, Silver Spring, Stafford and Waldorf.

          Available flavors include coconut, red velvet and the original yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

          And the website for this NOT Smith Island company if you want to order online from this company is http://www.originalsmithislandcakeco....

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            Dobos torte is NOT yellow cake--far from it. It's made with an egg and flour batter that is baked in very thin layers and then layered with chocolate buttercream and topped with a hardened amber sugar layer.

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              Sorry - what's the difference between a yellow cake and a cake made with an egg and flour batter?

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                Although both are "yellow" in color, in the US when we refer to yellow cake we're referring to the typical American style raised cake that's a lighter version of a pound cake, usually served in two or three thick layers and sandwiched with the icing of your choice.

                Dobos torte layers are very thin and much more similar to genoise batters that you find in Europe. They don't contain baking powder as you get in American yellow cakes, and the batter tends to be much more dense. When I made dobos torte I had to spread the batter across the pan with a knife, whereas with yellow cake I just pour the batter into the tin.

                You wouldn't be able to use American yellow cake batter for dobos torte because the batter is too light and can't be baked as thinly as the heavier dobos torte batter.

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                  Thanks! That's a great explanation.

            1. I drove by S.DiPaula & Sons Seafood on Route 40 East on Thanksgiving. They have a sign up that says that they HAVE Smith Island Cakes. Further investigation (aka their website) reveals that they do have them, but they are frozen. From their website:

              Smith Island Cakes for Thanksgiving
              Pumpkin · Apple Pie · Gingerbread
              Original · Red Velvet · Strawberry & Cream
              Coconut · Boston Cream · Chocolate Peanut Butter
              Cookies & Cream · Raspberry Truffle

              Smith Island Cakes come in frozen and can stay frozen until Thanksgiving. You may pick your Smith Island Cakes up before the Thanksgiving week rush.

              1. Sugar Bakers in Catonsville has two sizes. The large can feed 30 people and costs $55. The smaller one is around $30. They are chocolate iced yellow cakes(with about a dozen thin layers alternating the cake and icing) with a couple of peanut butter cups on top and Elizabeth Large of the Sun put this Smith Island cake on her bucket list. I've served them the last few years at a summer crabfeast and the guests just rave.

                1. The New Giant in Burtonsville Shopping Center is carrying them for sale everyday, perhaps a call to customer service will help locate them closer to you, it was excellent by the way

                  1. Mrs. Kitchings original recipe can be found at http://www.visitsomerset.com/pages/fu... . There is also a list of cottage bakers and bakeries, both on the island and a few on the Eastern Shore, if you want to check it out. Cost of cakes and shipping fees often vary between bakers. If you have any additional questions, feel free to call the Tourism office at 800.521.9189. Good luck!

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                      We ended up using Sugarbakers: one huge cake served over 30 people, who appeared to love it. SB was reliable and friendly. I was slicing, and the cake looked good, was moist and held together well. I thought the taste was OK to good, but then I don't think the Eastern Shore Smith Island cakes are orgasmic.
                      In case it's not clear, this is a recommendation for Sugarbakers

                    2. I had one of the little baby cakes from Giant last week.

                      It was fine. A little high priced, but the chocolate frosting was good and not overly sweet, very rich. Yellow cake was a little bit overwhelmed by the frosting, but it was enjoyable overall.