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Best Tim Hortons Donut? Worst?

What do you think? I want to try something new next time I go in- im kinda bored of the sprinkles one and the double chocolate one.

Tim Hortons Donuts
3411 Mavis Rd, Mississauga, ON L5C1T7, CA

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  1. I think Tim Hortons would be the last place I would go for a donut that could be considered good. If I'm going to eat the calories involved, I'm going to at least look for the real thing. Sorry to rant on your post DD3 but I just don't think hounds should support places that are content with serving mediocre garbage. If you must, get your double double at Timmies and then go somewhere else for a donut.

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      Sadly, I agree. There was a time when this was a relevant question, but in these days of pre-fab, reheated, downsized dreck, there just isn't any point. A poster below touts Tim-Bits; they're actually the best option, IMHO.

    2. If you must, go with the Timbits: the glazed and the sour cream varieties are decent enough. Sorry to say but I gave up on the full-sized ones ages ago.

      1. I tried the Triple Chocolate yesterday (Nov. donut of the month). I enjoyed it.

        I'm not a big fan of donuts, good, bad or mediocre, but I like sugar, so I go for the sour cream glazed. The glaze pools in the cracks. mmmm

        What I don't understand is people going in and asking for a dozen and not specifying what kind they want. If you do that, they give you a few old fashioned in the mix and those end up sitting there once all the rest are gone.

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          My buddy tried the triple chocolate yesterday too and said it was great. A quick sugar fix and carb fix. I can't give my own feedback since I'm just not a doughnut person, but I do like their trail mix cookies.

        2. My fiancee and I stopped at a TH about a month ago just to try their new "apple cider" donut. It had such an awful fake apple taste both of us got 2 bits in and ended up throwing it out the window for the birds.

          Tim Horton closed all RI stores 3 weeks ago - frozen donuts suck!!!

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            Hey joe, since you provide many great tips on RI chow, here's one for you from VA. The apple butter donuts at the Apple House in Linden VA (just off I-66 on the way to the Shenandoah Valley) are fantastic...and often right, and I mean right, out of the fryer.


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              wow..... bbq with a side of donuts? sounds like my knid of place! you should send me some! The best donut(s) I have ever had were in VT - apple cider donuts from the Cider Mill and the mini donuts at Pikes Place Market.

          2. We went to Tim's on a recent holiday in BC. We had never been before, but we kept seeing them (everywhere!) in Vancouver and Victoria, and we kept hearing the ads on TV and radio ("Always! Tim Horton's!") We like the triple chocolate, but we loved the strawberry vanilla. It's like a doughnut made by a unicorn and served under a rainbow.

            1. While I never drink their "coffee", I LOVE a sour-cream glazed donut. It is the only one that I think is still yummy.

              1. Weird, I was going to say sour cream glazed and then I saw a lot of people agreeing with me. :)

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                  It's just because you obviuosly have excellent taste in donuts ;)

                2. Best would have to be old-fashioned glazed Timbits (eat a handful at a time, only way to do it). I don't think I've ever had a *bad* donut at Timmies, but my least favourite would have to be the boston cream. Nothing special there.

                  1. IMO, the best is the sour cream and cake donuts. They're not great, but the rest of TH donuts suck. The new triple chocolate doesn't even taste like chocolate. And why do they always put the donuts in the bag frosting side down? And have you ever noticed that the chocolate frosting/glaze will slide off the donut if you leave it overnight? It's bizarre.

                    1. I think the sour cream donuts and the walnut crunch aren't half bad.

                      1. Blueberry fritter is my favourite.

                        The worst is the honey glazed. Truly disgusting ever since they went to pre-fab. Actually all their donuts took a huge quality hit when they went pre-fab but the honey glaze took it the worst.