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Nov 24, 2010 03:31 PM

Live or Fresh Dungeoness Crabs

Right around this time of the year, in me olde San Francisco, the local dungeoness crabs hit the street and they are larger, fresh, and generally plentiful such that the price comes down to under $5 per pound (and the size tends to go up as well).

I love Dungeoness, and it made me wonder whether D/FW has its own staple locations for dungeoness and whether there's an increase in availability this time of year. Doesn't strike me I've focused on this in the past, so thought I'd throw it out there for any takers.

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  1. I believe Dungeoness crab is available fresh from the tank at Central Market and possibly, some of the better Asian markets in Richardson and Garland. Bring plenty of $$. Costco has them too. Frozen!
    Also try TJ's Seafood in Preston Forest.

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      Love TJs. Also can find a ton of them at 99 Ranch Market in Plano. Great price, live or steamed.