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Nov 24, 2010 02:50 PM

T-Day food prep injury count

3 scratches from turkey bones as I cut off the backbone
+ 2 burns from hot sugar

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  1. 1 - burn on the forearm from reaching into the oven without a GLOVE.
    1 - nipped my knuckle from washing a blade for my meat grinder

    1. light burn on forehead, hand and hip from splattering boiling water. Otherwise, (knock on wood) no blood drawn this year. But it's still early.

      1. I am actually still at zero, but probably not for much longer now...

        1. I had a close one where my knife slipped off the carrots I was cutting, but fortunately no cut....and I'm done with prep! Whew!

          1. 4- Burned three fingers and a thumb when a cookie sheet full of toasted bread wobbled on the stovetop after I removed it from the oven. I forgot I was only wearing the one oven mitt.

            1- (+ food poisoning averted)- Discovered plastic bag turkey was in (to protect the fridge from the notoriously leaky wrapper) had a hole in it. Pink fluid all over the bottom of fridge, seeping into right side crisper drawer. No time to get gloves, used a strong bleach and water mix to clear up toxic spill. My right hand is really dry, and a little puffy.

            Both hands not in great shape. Is that two, or ten?

            I haven't started on desserts yet.

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              about a week ago also averted food poisoning since the "chicken" I was thawing out was actually pork (not that chicken or pork would be any less sickening) and there was a leak in the bag. It contaminated all of my veggies!!

              1. re: Barbara76137

                I was grateful that I'd stored most of my veggies and herbs on a higher shelf. I lost two bell peppers, two bunches of Swiss chard, and a bit of celery. My greens and three onion gratin is but the three onions. No one ever got truly sick from a lackluster creamed onion dish. Bored, maybe, but not sick.