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Nov 24, 2010 02:47 PM

Yukon Gold Potatoes

Where can I find Yukon Gold Potatoes in Montréal, Quebec?

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  1. Some green grocers regularly stock them (for example, ExoFruits in CDN, Chez Louis at the Jean Talon Market), though sometimes they'll only have generic "yellow-flesh potatoes." I'm pretty sure I've seen them in supermarkets too (the Parc/Jean-Talon. Loblaws? the CDN Metro?). 5-lb bags are often the only option.

    In the summer, there's also a stall on the north side of the central east-west allée that sells several sizes, including the hard-to-find golf ball ones. And Chez Louis often sells them loose.

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      Wow! Thanks so much for the quick reply. I tried Loblaws (Angus) and I saw about 25 different kinds of potatoes - none was Yukon Gold. I thought to myself "If they are not here, they must not be in Quebec anywhere!". I don't mind a 5 lb bag. I will try ExoFruits in CDN, and if not, I'll head up to Marché Jean Talon. Thanks again for the tips!

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        I just saw them at the Loblaws at Parc and Jean Talon this past weekend.

      2. Latina on St. Viateur and Esplanade and Mile End just started carrying them.

        1. Costco used to sell gigantic bags of Yukon Golds. Don't know if they still do.

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            They still did less than a month ago :)

          2. I second the Jean-Talon public market. There's a potato vendor there that has all sorts of potatoes, including Yukon Gold. They're smaller than what you usually find at a regular supermarket, but very good. I love them for buttermilk mashed potatoes. Prices are reasonable, and the potatoes keep very well.

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              Market! Market! I 3rd! Jean-Talon!

              Sorry, I have been away for over a year and this is my first post back. So good to be here again. So, when you first walk in from the fish market side (oh how the name escapes me!) and you see the outdoor rows, take a right at the first one and you will see a gentleman there selling goodies out of his truck. Well, on a table out of his truck. You will recognize him by his dirty, muddy vegetables. The best kind yes?

              He has lovely potatoes and I vow to bring his name here next time I go.

              Happy eating, Oana

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                The Market is now in Winter season mode.

                I think , most vendors (like the ugly dirty , but good muddy veggy guy) will not be there; same thing for the large potato vendor (in the middle of the market).

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                  I always vow to remember WHICH stalls I bought the good veggies but sometimes I just get turned around!

                  The market is indeed in reduced winter mode, but I got some Yukon Gold potatoes there today. The vendor had Yukon Golds, Red and "white" potatoes in both regular and tiny sizes. Since there is only one row of vegetable stores at the moment, suffice to say that it was on the south side and NOT at one of the big stores with the aisles and cashiers.

              2. Saw both full size and mini Yukon Gold patatoes at Toppetta IGA on Notre Dame yesterday