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Nov 24, 2010 01:28 PM

Butterflake dinner rolls from Taste of Denmark in Oakland

First visit to Taste of Denmark since the changeover from Neldam's, and was so delighted to see all my favorite dinner rolls bagged up and ready to go for Thanksgiving tables. Butterflake rolls (flaky and buttery like a croissant) were $5 per dozen and the same that I remember. The flat, square Swedish rolls have a bit more color to then now, but seem the same too. I think I can use up the stash I had hoarded in the freezer when we thought we'd lose them forever with Neldam's.

Neldam's Danish Bakery
3401 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

Taste of Denmark
3401 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

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  1. Stopped by Taste of Denmark bakery the other afternoon after a visit to the Medical offices across the street with my Mom.

    As I entered the now workers Coop of what was Neldam's Bakery.

    Rap Music was playing , I believe it was Oakland's own favorite misogynist "Too Short".

    The first employee "owner" I made eye contact with immediately spun around and made a beeline to the back.

    No problem, we wanted to look around a bit any way.

    after 5 minutes of looking we were ready to buy....but there was no one working the counter.

    Another "owner" came out and instead of asking if we needed help went directly to go shoot the breeze with the the third "owner" who was moping the floor with some stinky disinfectant.

    We waited....and waited.

    Did I mention we were the only customers.

    After ten minutes and not one of the three "owners" ever acknowledging our existence.

    I pushed my Mom's wheelchair out the door.

    I did hear one of them finally mumble something ....but we were gone,long gone never to return.

    Reviews on other sites confirm that this was not a isolated incident.


    Sadly, I have had very poor service at another Co-op bakery: Nabolom Bakery in Berkeley.

    Nabolom Bakery
    2708 Russell St, Berkeley, CA 94705

    Taste of Denmark
    3401 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

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    1. re: Mission

      I had three different employees check in on my needs during my visit so I have no service complaints. It made me wonder if the shop was overstaffed. But if the service you rec'd was more typical, I guess it makes sense to have a lot of people hanging around although in the long run that will kill the business yet again.

      1. re: Mission

        dropped in here to get a chantilly cake (dreamcake), the one with the shaved chocolate on top. didn't have a service problem. seems they weren't using the service numbers. just "who's next?"

        the cake wasn't as good as the old neldams but better than the recent neldam's. just a few patrons at that time. and a few workers....