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Nov 24, 2010 01:20 PM

Which ones should we freeze? The cooked green beans or the raw ones?

I know.... I know I should post in Home Cooking, I did, but people are posting messages there like every minute and mine went here I am .

My sister and I had a classic "failure to communicate", and we now have 8 lbs of green beans to deal with, 4 cooked, 4 raw.

Any opinions?

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  1. How are they cooked? Long cooked string beans freeze very well.

    If you want to freeze the raw ones, trim the edges, and freeze in a single layer on a sheet tray. Then transfer to a ziplock.

    Or- cook the raw ones for Shabbat. I like my string beans roasted or blanched and served room temp.

    1. Neither. Freeze blanched beans. For the best results, prep the green beans, immerse them in boiling salted water (using a wire basket for convenience) for about a minute until the green color shifts from slightly dull to bright green, then immediatel immerse in ice water until cold. The beans aren't cooked, but the enzymes that cause deterioration are denatured and inactivated. Freeze the blanched beans slightly wet and they will last very well and taste fresh when cooked.

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        I was going to say this as well. You are spot on: don't freeze the beans raw, always blanch first. I did the same thing with the peppers from my over zealous poblano pepper plant.
        Good luck, p.j.