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Costco-BBQ chicken- How do they do it?

I got a BBQ chicken from Costco for lunch. A cross betwen Pamalea Lee and Beyonce. Beyonce at least has talent; this bird was no good. The flesh was so wet as to be sodden, and it was slippery, and very salty. How do they cook it so as to ruin what was once undoubtedly a good bird? I am giving back the other half.

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  1. If you think Costco's is bad wait till you see Sobey's or Metro's...

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      I know, I know. That's the problem. Costco used to be a lot better in years gone by.

    2. I reach for the darker more well done looking ones, skin is crisp and meat is juicy.

      1. Is it not Rotissiere chicken at Canadian Costco locations?

        I haven't seen one in the store with liquid on the bottom of the container, but sometimes condensation forms on the inside on the drive home.

        1. Those big rotissiere units have a vent control, if the vents are closed you get steamed vs roasted. Operater error, which is usually the problem with most things in this world. Costco kinda has gone downhill a little, huh?

          1. I have never had a bad Costco chicken, the're also hugh, maybe i'm just lucky, but everybody I know raves about them.

            1. Dunno where you are, but we just joined after years of considering, and for the two of us, who like to consider ourselves discerning eaters, we've been thrilled with the chicken. A freebie came with our membership, or we would never have tried it, having had unexciting experiences w/ supermarket roasted chickens. But now we always get one. We reheat it the next day or that night, get one meal then and another the following lunch. Sorry you've had a bad time.

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                I'm with you--I adore the rotisserie chickens. I assume that is what the OP is referring to when saying BBQ. I always find them juicy, meaty, well seasoned etc.

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                  I'm assuming the same thing. When I read the title, I thought 'what Costco sells BBQ'd chicken?'

              2. Sorry Vin.

                I get 'em all the time and they're great. Not sure where you got yours but they've never been anything short of excellent.


                1. Me too. Here in Orange County, CA, Costco rotisserie chickens are far and a way the best and the best value of all those available.

                  1. years ago when Dad used to bring them home for Mom, the odor made me so sick that i could never bring myself to even consider trying a Costco rotisserie chicken. something about it just smelled very, very wrong to me. but that was back East, and given the positive reviews for the ones here in SoCal, i have to wonder if there are regional differences...?

                    1. We have out COSTCO membership and love it, but the rotisserie chickens are always very greasy, even if we choose the darker more well done birds. While I really dislike B.J.'s, we use the 90 day free membership to buy their rotisserie chickens because for some reason they're better.