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Nov 24, 2010 10:51 AM

caneles in paris

my husband and i are making our first trip to paris and wanted to know if anyone knows where to get good (great?) canele's in paris. my husband has been experimenting with making them since bouley bakery in nyc stopped in the last few months. we would even be interested in finding a place that teaches a class on them (in english).
thanks for reading and in advance for your advice.
also, we are staying in the 15th, but happy to travel wherever the metro and our feet can take us.

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  1. My last great canelé was from Ladurée, the original one, on Madeleine.
    In fact I had a mediocre macaron while my husband had the said great canelé.
    I don't know where you can find a canelé class but good luck.

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      A bordelais colleague always used to arrive with boxes of caneles from Bailladran in Bordeaux and they were as good as any canele I have ever tried. Bailladran now has a boutique on the Boulevard des Capucines between Madeleine and Opera.

      1. re: vielleanglaise

        Incidentally Baillardran started in Paris with a small booth in the Gare Montparnasse, which I believe is still there. It pays to get the right stuff. Parisian pâtissiers who try to make canelés can come up with pretty bad stuff.
        If you really love canelés it is worth going to Bordeaux for that. You may even find classes there, much likelier than you'd find them in Paris.
        The best canelés I have ever had - and the best in the region according to some Bordelais - are made at the restaurant Au Lion d'Or in Arcins, near Margaux. They're small in size.

    2. Caneles are more of a Bordelaise than a Parisienne speciality. That is not to say that you can't find good/great ones in Paris, but it may be more challenging. Baillardran is the gold standard for caneles. It looks like they have three shops in Paris: one in the Montparnasse train station, one in the Orly airport, and one in the 9th arrondissement. Here is a link to their website with additional store location information:

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        Have had very nice ones from both Dalloyau on Place Edmond Rostand, and from Gerard Mulot, in both the 4th and 6th.

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          Thanks so much everyone for the responses! Sadly, we only have 10 days in France, most of which will be spent in Paris. I'll have to save Bordeaux for another trip. Thank you!

      2. I had a canele from Pierre Herme that was really great. Both the interior and exterior texture were spot on.

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        1. re: j.jessica.lee

          I've had good caneles there too. People on this board seem to get very down on Pierre Herme but for caneles and kugelhopfs I think it's certainly not to be sniffed at. Uhockey did report a disappointing canele recently, though I think there is some variation in what people look for in one. There used to also be a "Canele de Bordeaux" that was decent, on the rue Saint Dominique in the 7th, but I don't know if that's still going.

          1. re: johannabanana

            Right at Rue Malar, still there as of a week ago

            1. re: johannabanana

              i reported on many - 3 good, many bad. :-)

              Oddly, Fauchon's was the best - though the one on the mignardise cart at Le Cinq was pretty superb, as well.


          2. You can only have one at a time. But the mini-canelé served with coffee at L'Assiette (rue du Château) is the best I've found in Paris.