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Nov 24, 2010 10:09 AM

Zabaglione for someone with a wine allergy

I'm planning to make tiramisu to bring as a dessert for a Thanksgiving dinner at a friend's house. My friend has informed me that one of the people attending is allergic to red wine so now I'm trying to figure out what I can substitute for the marsala wine in the zabaglione custard. I've only ever made it using marsala or port. Any suggestions?

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  1. Wine or any kind of alcohol? A mixture of espresso and run would work if they can still do alcohol.

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      I haven't asked for the specifics on the allergy, but I think it's really just red wine (maybe the sulfites?) that is the problem. Espresso and rum sounds like a really good substitute! Thanks!

    2. Grand Marnier.....Frangelico, Calvados, Brandy, Fruit Liquers, Bourbon or Rum.....Pure Vanilla extract.

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        So basically any flavoured alcohol would probably work. Do you know if I should dilute hard liqueurs? The alcohol should cook out while heating the zabaglione, but I don't know if the flavours might be too strong.

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          So basically any flavoured alcohol would probably work.

          I would generally agree with that notion....but obviously, some flavors will work better than others and you do not want to clash with the coffee liqueur you will use in the Tiramisu dessert. You are not really using a lot of alcohol either.....approximately one ounce per 5-6 servings according to a similar recipe for creme brulee on the Grand Marnier nay to any diluting.

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            Ah.. I did forget to mention that this is not espresso flavoured tiramisu, but green tea tiramisu. I think perhaps an orange or citrus liqueur would work, yes?

            The recipe I am using calls for about 1/2 cup of marsala wine, so I imagine I'd be using that much liqueur as well. Hm... I may need to dilute it a bit with some orange juice.

      2. I make zabaglione all the time with just vanilla extract.

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          Ah that's good to know. I've usually used marsala or port and never tried not including them before. Thanks!

        2. sauternes. Jamaican rum.