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Habit Burger now in Walnut Creek

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I know this is a chain but it is new to our area. 1255 S. California Boulevard in Walnut Creek. Anybody eaten at other locations, mostly Southern California? The web site looks great but then again, the proof is always in the eating - http://www.habitburger.com/

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  1. Since then they've appeared all over the bay, with the latest one in opening in Fremont just a couple of months ago. It's in the shiny new part of Pacific Commons, between the movie theater and the Target.

    I got a BBQ bacon charburger, add cheese (American). Patty was a bit on the flavorless side, but the bacon was nice and crispy, and the fries were great. For four-bucks-something, not bad, although it's not going to put a dent in my In-N-Out rotation. Friend had the tri-tip, to which he added a patty (!!!), and he really enjoyed it.

    Reports on y*lp indicate a "secret" Santa Barbara item with avocado and sourdough, which I'll try if I'm back in the area.


    The Habit Burger Grill
    43830 Pacific Commons Blvd, Fremont, CA 94538

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