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Nov 24, 2010 09:43 AM

Where to buy whole pork butt (bone-in)?

I am looking for a whole pork butt, bone-in, to cook up for the family xmas party. I will be slow-cooking it on my Primo BBQ (cue country music from the south here!). Would appreciate recommendations of where I can find such a beast in Montreal area.


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  1. MMMMmmm! That smells like pulled pork! I usually buy my Butts at Boucherie L'entrecote on Boul Tashereau cause I'm on the south shore. The price is ok 1.99$ / lbs. Usually I can get butts of 10#. You can also try Charcuterie Noel on Leger & Lacordaire, I think they are cheaper. Tell me what you find, I'm also into southern BBQ. I'm always looking for good pork!

    Charcuterie Noel
    5733 Boul Leger, Montreal-Nord, QC H1G6J2, CA

    1. I assume that you are talking a$$ (hind leg, ham) and not Boston butt/shoulder.

      I've purchased from both Claude & Henri (Atwater Market; actually purchased shoulder, they laughed when I said I needed 20 kg) and from the boucher in the Fruiterie 440 on Taschereau (forget the name). You can also try Asian grocers, and all will require a little bit of lead time.

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        Actually, no, I mean the boston butt/shoulder. Suggestions?

      2. A good downtown bet is Charcuterie Fairmount on St Laurent just above Pine. Good idea to call Joe and book ahead of arriving.

        1. Frutta Si on Shevchenko in Lasalle always has them (shoulder) as well as the leg. Usually around $1.70/lb, sometimes on sale for 99c/lb. Made a Christmas BBQed leg from here last year. Sure was bleak at 5:00am December 25th - santa had come and gone long before, leaving only blowing winds and a mean looking sky.
          Dinner was worth it though (pict).

          1. Porc Meilleur in Jean Talon Market has bone in pork butt. I've tried it & have enjoyed it many times.