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Nov 24, 2010 09:38 AM

Help with Cake recipe

I am wondering what components of a Black Forest Cake I can make ahead of time (1 day):

Cake (cut or uncut?)
chocolate ganache
whipped cream
Cherry filling

Thanks for the help!

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  1. cake - uncut
    ganche yes but you have to keep it in the fridge until ready to use and then remelt it.
    Whipped cream yes
    cherry filling yes!
    As long as everything is kept in the fridge it will be fine. It is even best to make the cake and have it sit in the fridge over night. The cake will taste better.

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    1. re: ver1307

      thank you! I don't think I will have time to make the whole thing the day before, but I will start and see how it goes.

      I was thinking of making the cherry filling today or tomorrow. It should keep for 4 or 5 days in the fridge, won't it?

      1. re: cleopatra999

        No problem! Yes, the cherry filling will be fine but I would not recommend keeping it longer than a week.

      2. re: ver1307

        You do not have to remelt the ganache. Just keep it out of the fridge till it softens, then whip it gently before use.

      3. I agree with ver1307, except my whipped tends to separate so I like to do that last minute.

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        1. re: blue room

          When I whip cream it always stays intact for a good week. Try whipping to a medium-stiff peak not soft. Are you only using 35% whipping and icing sugar?

          1. re: ver1307

            hmmmm....I don't know for sure what percentage whipping cream is here, yes, to icing sugar, no gelatin. do you recommend gelatin? the recipe does not call for it, but several others did.

            1. re: cleopatra999

              No I don't recommend gelatin because it is tricky. I use 35% whipping cream and cover the surface with sifted icing sugar, whip and it's done! (you could also add vanilla extract) I don't sugest using a less fattier whipping cream because it may not whip up.

              1. re: ver1307

                Do you think I can do the ganache a few days ahead? I have time tomorrow, the cake is being served on Sunday. If I get the ganache and whipping cream made tomorrow, I could probably put it together on Saturday.

                1. re: cleopatra999

                  yes, you can make the ganache ahead of time. As long as everything is kept in the fridge it will be fine. Let me know how it turns out!

                  1. re: ver1307

                    thanks! will do! so far the cherry filling turned out great, used my frozen cherries that I got in the summer :)

                    now to find some decent reasonably priced chocolate in this small town

                    1. re: cleopatra999

                      If there's a Trader Joe's near you, try their Pound Plus Dark. It's amazingly cheap for the quality.

                      1. re: souschef

                        unfortunately not, I am in a small town in Canada. I bought some Equador Lindt, it was on sale, so not too bad.