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Nov 24, 2010 09:21 AM

NYE in Lisbon - Searchin for a top level suggestion :-)

i'm going to be in Lisbon with my girl for nye, i'm searching for a very romantic and elegant restaurant to have dinner and both listen to music and dance after midnight... I'm going to save on almost all, during this brief vacation, not on that night!! I woulf prefer not to move from restaurant after midnight...

I like places with selected people and good music (jazz, acid jazz, r&b, soul/funk, 70s/80s disco... I hate contemporary house/disco music!!).

I hope you can help me referring my preferences... unfortunately i don't know where i coul find on internet, please suggest me (if possible) 2 or 3 places near baixa... thank you so much!! :-)

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  1. @ Dortmunder

    If you search the archives of this list, you will find hundreds of restaurants that I have recommended over the past few years of all price levels, location, and cuisine.

    I'm sorry to say that other than from a hotel sort of a restaurant, you are going to have to seek music in another place if your main goals is to have a romantic meal.

    There are tons of clubs in the Bairro Alto where you can go to hear music or have a NYE eve party. Alternatively, there are always fireworks displays in Belém, Praço do Comércio, and Parque das Nações.

    Let me know if I can help in any way.

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    1. re: vinhotinto75

      Please, could you send me a few links?
      I have no problem to take a taxi, if there are restaurant-party-all-in-one solutions :-)
      I don't like to stay outside for fireworks... i think there will be many restaurants that will propose that kind of night...

      1. re: dortmunder

        You could try "Lisboa passagem do ano" on Google, but most of the info will refer to yesteryears. Portuguese generally don't get organised that far ahead... An option for me would be the dining room of a hotel, where they normally have dinner + dance + late buffet. You would want a view of the fireworks too... Suggestions: the Sheraton or the Altis Belem, both for the view. BUT, I would also look into what places like Eleven (will be horribly expensive) and Bica do Sapato are offering that night (again for the view). The Tivoli hotels chain offers quite few daels on their website. Or Pragma in the Casino. Personnally I would go to Porto and spend New-Year on the Douro (check Douro Azul)...
        If I come across a brilliant idea, I will post it!

        1. re: monchique

          @ Dortmunder

          Since you will be in Lisbon, another really unique facet of the cultural and music scene here are the various restaurants clubs that specialize in Cape Verdean, Angolan, and Mozambican cuisine.

          One place that I would highly recommend if they are open on NYE, would be Tito Paris' Casa da Morna in Alcântara.

          There are of course several others too.

          Boa Sorte!

          1. re: vinhotinto75

            My wife and i will spend 3 weeks in Portugal on september 2011. Our wedding anniversary. I knw it is way ahead, but we love to explore food places and are beginning our learning/planning Lisbon, obeido, Porto, combria, algarve, and traveling in between. Any must go places? Love to stay away from tourist traps... Speak English and Spanish. Unfortunately no portuguese, although some time for basic learning. Thank you

            1. re: mrotmd

              Mrotmd -

              I have posted signficantly on Lisbon (where I live) and Coimbra too, so search the archives for hundreds of my recommendations. Look in the archive for Monchique's recs for the Algarve.

              Boa Sorte!

            2. re: vinhotinto75

              HI, my girlfriend and I will be in Lisbon for New Years Eve this year and I've been trying to find the right restaurant to take her to. We are both 25 years old and looking for good food (open to different cuisines/types of food), good atmosphere (trendy/romantic; not boring/old) for a moderate/reasonable price. I know that NYE is expensive, so im realistic about the prices. We are looking to be in the bairro alto/chaido/baixo area. Nothing too far from Rossio Square since we want to attend the fireworks show afterwards. Can someone please make some good suggestions? Thank you!