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Nov 24, 2010 09:08 AM

Looking for Chinese BBQ'ed Pork in Winnipeg

Hoping someone can help with this.

I've been looking for good Chinese BBQ'ed pork here in Winnipeg. I and many others used to go to Sun-Wah for the BBQ there but he has since moved on. Anyone know where to? or have any other suggestions?

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  1. There is a small chinese grocery store on Pembina Hwy, in a strip mall just south of McGillviary, across from the library. I think it's called "YUDA Market". They have all sorts of stuff, including the BBQ Pork, and it's pretty good, they make it themselves.

    Good luck!

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      Yeah - definitely go with the guy in the Sun-Wah mall. We've bought from a few places in town, and he's consistently the best.

      I bought some BBq'd pork at the big Lucky supermarket on McPhillips, and both pieces seemed to be all fat and grisle (sp?).

      If you're in the market for fresh (raw) pork, there's a small shop right next door in the mall that sells all the various pork parts, including very fresh ground pork for very, very reasonable prices.

    2. The guy who used to be in Sun-Wah (in the supermarket) moved to his own space in the same little mall. Well, he was there, but I don't know if he still is.

      His nephew opened his own place called Hoa Ky (spelling?) and I think that's the place smokinJohn is talking about it. YUDA is, I think, videos and Japanese stuff and it's in the little strip mall just before or just after the one where Hoa Ky is. (Hoa Ky is in the same strip mall as the adult video store, and YUDA is in the other strip mall.)

      I think in the same building as the Superstore on McPhillips, there used to be a little Chinese meat shop. Good chicken wings. Haven't been there in years, though, so I don't know if it's still there.

      You could also go to Lucky or Young's. They both have ready-to-eat meats.

      Restaurants like Sun Fortune also have bbq meats that you can take-out (pork and duck for sure).

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        Thanks for the info! I will try soon!

        1. re: Baronofbeef

          You can also get good barbequed pork at Young's Oriental Grocery, on the corner of McPhillips and Mountain.

        2. re: prasantrin

          Right you are, it's Hoa Ky, not Yuda. Thanks for clearing that up. Those little strip malls all look the same to me.

        3. Related, but not about bbq pork. . .

          In the last few weeks, we've tried a number of the meats at Hoa Ky--poached chicken (like Hainanese chicken, but with soy sauce), crispy side pork, braised tendon, and braised pork hocks. They were all very tasty, and I think they were even better than the Sun Wah place (I just discovered the respective owners of Hoa Ky and the place in the Sun Wah mall are brothers, not uncle and nephew as I previously reported). They're not cheap (a whole poached chicken was $18.95), but I think Hoa Ky will be our default Chinese meats take-out place.

          I still have to try their bbq pork, and I'd like to try a braised beef dish they had that looked delicious.