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Nov 24, 2010 08:57 AM

Greensboro Area Southern Style Cooking

Hey Guys,

A bunch of us are coming from NYC to the Greensboro area for Thanksgiving. We will be in Concord, Charlotte, Highpoint and Greensboro so we wanted to know where are places WE have to eat. We want to try southern style cooking and bbq. Thanks!!1

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  1. In the University City area of Charlotte (on the way to Concord), there is a place called Down to the Bone. I'm a big fan of their oxtails and green beans but they offer a range of soul food dishes.

    In Greensboro, you should try Stamey's BBQ (the one across from the Coliseum, not the one on Battleground), though I would recommend a trip to Lexington if you want the best BBQ the area offers.

    1. Here's a link to the NC BBQ Trail. There's some great place near by. I highly recommend Stamey's in Greensboro. NC. Sweet Basil's serves an upscale southern style cuisine in a nice atmospshere for lunch or dinner. Grady's BBQ in Dudley is also very good.

      Stamey's BBQ @ 2206 High Point Road, Greensboro, NC. 336 - 299 - 9888.
      Sweet Basil's @ 620 Dolley Madison Road, Greensboro, NC 336 - 632 - 3070.
      Grady's Barbecue @ 3096 Arrington Bridge Rd., Dudley, NC. 919 - 735 - 7243.

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        Grady's in Dudley is no where near Greensboro. About 140 or so miles southeast.

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          I got Greensboro and Goldsboro mixed up. I knew Grady's was close to a "boro" sorry about that.

      2. I highly doubt any of the best barbecue places will be open on Thanksgiving day, and probably a fair few will be closed in the days following it. You should call first.

        1. Upscale but southern can be found at Lucky 32. In Charlotte, Dish, Lupies, and Amelie's are good bets. There's a few threads on what can be found in Concord elsewhere on Chowhound. High Point has the original Noble's which does the local and Southern in upscale fashion quite well.

          Lucky 32 Restaurant
          109 S Stratford Rd, Winston Salem, NC 27104

          Lupie's Cafe
          2718 Monroe Rd, Charlotte, NC 28205

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          1. re: Nocturnalbill

            Just to clarify, Lucky 32 is in Greensboro. They do a nice job on the upscale Southern front.

            Lucky 32 - Greensboro
            1421 Westover Terrace, Greensboro, NC 27408

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              Yeah, didn't notice that the blasted auto-correct had used the wrong one.