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Nov 24, 2010 08:39 AM

how to keep sliced apples from turning brown

I am making as much ahead today as I can to keep things running smoothly tomorrow. One of the dishes I am making alternates sliced roasted yams with sliced fresh apples, then it's topped and put in the oven. I've already roasted and cooled my yams, and I am thinking of coring and slicing my apples today.. and wondering if I can keep them from turning brown by either storing them in ice water or lemon juice..or.. a combo of both?

Does anyone know if this will work?



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  1. Ordinarily I'd say to put sliced apples in acidulated water but if you're storing them over night I think they'd taste more like lemons than apples. Perhaps other CH cooks will have a different viewpoint.

    1. Lemon juice is the classic way and it works. A strong acid and anything you can do to avoid it contacting air will stop the browning. An extreme would be cutting them while they're in apple juice and not taking them out until ready.

      1. Anyone else have other answers since I don't always have lemons on hand. Maybe cider vinegar? What proportion would you use and how long would you store it for if you want to have it ready to pack for work the next day?

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          I let my sliced apples soak in sprite. Keeps them very nicely.

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            That's a good idea, and it probably doesn't affect the taste quite as much as lemon juice.

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              I imagine you could use a solution of lemon juice, water, and maybe apple juice. Haven't tried it out yet, but I bet you could dilute the lemon juice and sill prevent browning.

        2. Incidentally, the sharper your knife is, the slower the apples will brown. This can make a difference of a few hours on its own.

          1. It would be nice if you had a Foodsaver. You could slice your apples and put them in a bag and evacuate the air.