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Nov 24, 2010 07:56 AM

Happy Thanksgiving to the Northern NE 'Hound Community!

Hope all my virtual friends have a scrumptious day tomorrow, and here's a request: share with the rest of us the most unusual / interesting dish you enjoyed as part of the festivities.
Here's a motto for the season from my family of origin: "between Thanksgiving Eve and January 2, we gratefully eat and drink whatever gets put in front of us."

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  1. Thanks! Now I know I'm arbitrary. Moved to W. New Mexico and what do i plan for T-giving? Seafood! It is going down to zero tonight and a hike in the snow tomorrow. come back to a bowl of chowdah and scallops, acorn squash and roasted brussel sprouts. Fresh pumpkin pie for dessert.!

    1. Nice! We're having dinner with dear friends in Boston tomorrow late afternoon, then down to the Rio Grande valley. What's better, Indian pudding or enchiladas?

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        Send me an email if you want recs for Albuquerque or need a bed W. of Alb.
        El Dumkego

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          Love NM, but not this trip--doing Tex Mex.

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            Hope all my Chow friends had a great Thanksgiving! Enjoyed the 83+ degrees in Orlando, Florida today but it's back to reality (& New Hampshire) tomorrow at 8AM!
            Great idea about the chowder Pass - I'll have to have my hubby make some when we get back to help take the chill off after a week in the sun! : )

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              It went down to -4 last night and snowed. Ellsworth, Me was warmer. Good chowder after a hike in the mountains.

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                Here in the Rio Grande valley it got down into the 40's and they opened up shelters in case people were cold. Had the most amazing warm salsa with still hot tortilla chips fried in lard, a chile relleno in an eggy batter stuffed with marinated, chewy beef, and enchiladas in a funky, cheesy chipotle sauce-wow.

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                  I have to laugh at regionalism. The Rio Grande Valley is over 2000 mi long. to me it means from Taos to Albuquerque. We've been getting subzero each night; was hiking in shirt sleeves today.

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                    LOL--we're in Harlingen, near the tip of Texas.

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          We had Indian Pudding last was delicious. I'm the only one in my family who likes it, so I only make it once a year. We're also having turkey enchiladas tonight, too. Happy Day-After Thanksgiving to all!

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            I need to make some Indian Pudding. It's one of those desserts you have to put some thought into due to baking times ... and I should take advantage of the warm oven in our Crawford kitchen wood stove. Thanks for the idea!

            DH is becoming very sentimental as we age. We are now living in the old family homestead but were able to renovate it. I love having a good vegetable garden and he appreciates the rewards. Was planning to give each visiting family a large Pennsylvania Dutch squash to take home. They are like a long necked butternut but too watery for our liking. I cooked up one using some for pumpkin ale bread, some for pumpkin fondue/dip and the rest for ? Sent DH and our little granddaughters out to dig baby carrots for pre-dinner snacking. Used some homegrown red onions for a stuffing recipe but our onions, pototes, and peas were store bought. (I grow sugar snaps instead of peas and prefer not to do much food canning and freezing). The mashed squash was perfect. We like the dry, sweet Confection, a variety I can get from Johnny's. A type of kabochu (sp) similar to butterCup. Got apples at the local farmstand for desserts. Made custard pie from a friend's recipe but use supermarket eggs instead of local. Watched a tv report on Slow Food buffet in NH. DH said we need to dig the rest of the baby carrots before the grounds gets more frozen.