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Nov 24, 2010 07:41 AM

Cooper's BBQ, Llano

I will readily admit to being a total neophyte to Texas BBQ, but I must say my wife & I thoroughly enjoyed our lunch at Cooper's BBQ in Llano two days ago.

My understanding is Cooper's BBQ is cooked over direct heat and this makes it more roasted than smoked.

We had the brisket and small portions of the regular & jalapeno sausages. The brisket was REALLY good! The sausages were tasty as well, but if & when I return, it will all be about the brisket. The house sauce has a vinegary tang to it.

The sides (pinto beans, cole slaw, peach cobbler, etc.) were better than average.

HIGHLY recommended.

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  1. I think the chicken is some of best I have ever had...can't really say much for the ribs.

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      I used to live not that far down the highway from Cooper's. I'd buy several chickens and keep them in the freezer. You're right. They're wonderful. I'd have to get there early or they'd be sold out.

    2. You may be new to que, but you've obviously got a natural talent for recognizing the real deal when you taste it! You can't beat Cooper's!!

      1. I was there christmas eve and wasn't feeling too hot, so wasn't in the mood. But, I did have some of that chicken, and it is awesome. The burnt end of brisket I had was pretty good too. I wish I was feeling better at the time to have enjoyed other items.

        Next you need to hit up Louie Mueller in Taylor, then head down to Lockhart and hit up all the joints there to further research texas bbq. Then branch out from there =)