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Nov 24, 2010 07:18 AM

Are you going to someone's house for Thanksgiving? What were you asked to bring? Care to share the recipe for whatever it is?

On occasion we may be asked to be somewhere for Thanksgiving. Often we stay home and have people in. Some years we even go out to dinner for their big spread or as in my case, I'm working and can't be with family. When I'm cooking here at home for whomever, family and/or friends, I tell guests that they needn't bring anything, that's just me. I should take people up on their generous offers to add to the meal, but I like everything that leads to doing it all myself. I only ask them to bring containers to carry leftovers home in.

This year we'll be at our daughter in laws' Aunts' house.
When speaking to our DIL on the phone as well as our son and DIL's auntie, she just asked me to bring a vegetable platter. Since my mother in law always did the same standard relish plate, I decide I'd do hers. She said I could bring whatever I wanted so last night a peanut butter chocolate fudge was made also. Today my MIL's yeast dinner rolls recipe will get made with a couple of butters to go along with it. No one ever has enough rolls as most like a little sandwich by nights' end and dinner rolls are great vessels for turkey or ham sliders.

The relish tray will contain:
Pickles = kosher sliced and sweet baby gerkins
Olives = black and green stuffed
Slices of cheese = mozzarella/jack/cheddar
Deviled eggs
Carrot/green bell pepper/celery matchsticks
Celery stuffed with cream cheese [plain & mixed with pineapple tidbits]
Classic onion dip
Mixed nuts
"Peanut butter chocolate fudge"
can of Eaglebrand
1/2 cup peanut butter
*1/2 package semi sweet & caramel chocolate chips [Hershey's]
pinch salt
1 t vanilla
*Since I collect different flavors of chocolate chips or any chips, don't have to be chocolate, the addition of the chocolate/caramel chips was my idea. The recipe called for 6oz. white chocolate broken up. Although I have white chocolate chips, not my choice for the recipe.
"Nanna's Turkey Day Dinner rolls"
Approximately 3 dozen
1 stick butter
1/2 c raw sugar
1 1/2 c skim milk
1 1/2 t salt
Put these in saucepan and cook until butter melts and sugar/salt is dissolved. Set aside
1 T yeast
1/2 cup warm water
Place yeast in water, stir and let sit 5 minutes. Set aside.
2 Jumbo eggs, beaten
When the milk mix is no longer hot, add it to the eggs and the yeast. Stir.
7-8 c flour
Put 1/2 of the flour into a heavy duty mixer like KitchenAid if you have one with the dough hook on. Add the egg/milk/yeast mix and start slow to incorporate. Add enough of the rest of the flour [today it took 8 1/2 c but it's raining] slowly to get a combined dough that is soft and smoothe. Knead until it forms a ball. Take out of mixing bowl, swipe off hook to get it all and put on counter floured a bit and knead a little more to form nice ball. Place in olive oiled bowl and cover until double. Punch down the dough and knead to shape then cut it into 8 portions. Covered what you're not working on and roll into snakes. Cut each snake into desired sized pieces with bench
scraper. Place on cookie sheets that you've put a Silpat on and cover, then do next snake and
next snake until you have them all cut out and on cookie sheets. Cover them all with tea towel
or Saran until they double again. When ready to bake, put 1 egg in a bowl with 1 T water
whisk together, then brush each top of each risen roll and use whatever topping you'd
like at this time ex: sesame seeds, poppy seeds, sea salt, sugar or no toppings. Bake in batches at 360° [check your oven for correct temperature] for about 20 minutes or until just golden.
Happy Thanksgiving...............

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  1. Better-than-you-think green bean casserole:
    3/4 stick butter, divided
    2 cans French cut green beans
    1 can campbell's cream of onion soup
    1 can cheese soup
    stuff to taste: diced white onion, pimento from a jar, salt, pepper, cayenne or 'cajun seasoning,' parsley, etc
    2 slices whole-wheat/grainy-nutty-seedy bread

    Place diced onion and 1/4 stick butter in the casserole dish you're going to use and put that in 350-375 degree oven to soften. Meantime, drain the green beans and mix them and the soup of your choice in a mixing bowl. (husband and I hate the foul taste of cream of mushroom, but cream of onion, cheese, cream of potato and even cream of chicken do pretty well.). Season to taste.
    Remove the onions from the oven when softened to your liking; spoon them into the green bean mix and stir it together. Pour the mix into the casserole dish.
    In the mixing bowl, tear the bread into crouton-size crumbs.
    Melt the remaining 1/2 stick butter in the microwave, pour over bread crumbs, mix well.
    Distribute the bread crumbs over the casserole, return it to oven, bake until bubbly and the bread is crispy.
    Beats the 'traditional' cream of mushroom/unseasoned/canned onions on top stuff by a MILE. They'll rave.

    1. I bring my trademark pre-dinner nibble, one that I'm asked to bring to many parties throughout the year by close friends and family: my spicy adaptation of an old recipe for cheese pastry balls stuffed with Spanish olives, now affectionately know as Bob's Balls.

      Recipe here:

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        Hey Bob!

        That reminds me of my friend's dad's trademark nibble - known as Junior's Naughty Bits.

      2. My sister asked me to bring dessert, so I'm bringing a chocolate heaven cake, pumpkin pie and apple crumb pie. But if you want the recipe, you'll have to call the Bake Shop at the William Penn Inn ;)

        1. We're going to my inlaws. I'm bringing a mushroom stuffing and a pumpkin coconut pie. Going shopping for fancy mushrooms tonight!

          1. I'm going to my parents, about an hours drive south. I am bringing the gravy and a couple desserts-a Meyer lemon tart and a chocolate loaf cake. I think I'd like to bring some mini pigs-in-a-blanket for apps, but I don't want to burden my Mother's kitchen with warming them, so I'm not sure...everyone likes pigs-in-a-blanket though, so I probably will. Found mini Aidells chicken-apple sausages, I think it will be a nice surprise.
            I really need to try to go for a run tonight and again tomorrow morning. I know the weekend will be all about lazy movies by the fire.
            Happy Thanksgiving!