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Nov 24, 2010 06:55 AM

Kaya in Strip other suggestions

I have been wanting to try Kaya for a long time now and also plan to take parents to eat acouple times for holiday season. I over heard someone mention, the seating at Kaya is very limited? Meaning, bar stools and some hipster type tables next to bar? Is this correct? Also any other suggestion for PGH area ( no italian ) would be great!!

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  1. You should be fine with seating. Not sure what you mean by "hipster tables", but I'm a big guy and fit just fine.

    1. The seating at Kaya isn't bad. There is a long bar to the right and opposite it is a even longer bench seat with maybe 10 or so tables. Past that there is another dining area with even more tables. Both times I've been the seating has been adequate.

      Be warned about the food though, seems to be hit or miss, at least for me. First time I went was around a year and a half ago, my gf and I went for lunch and it was great. She got slow cooked pork and bananna sandwich while I got jerk chicken. Chicken wasn't to spicy, but was savory and the gf liked her sandwich.

      So when my parents visited a few weekends ago I choose Kaya on sunday night. Originally wanted to dine in south side, but there was a Steelers game on and my parents and I try to avoid loud sports fans. We started with the three salads appetizer and it was delicious. Ran out of tortillas and our sever happily brought us more. For dinner my parents split a pulled pork quesidilla (sp?), my gf got one as well and I ordered the green curry vegetables.

      The vegetables in the curry where good and fresh, but the sauce was kind of lacking. No heat and not to much flavor. My gf and my parents only ate part of their food. Later in the night while getting some leftovers I realized why. It pretty much tasted salty, not as if it had to much salt, but like salt was the only seasoning used in preparing it.

      While being an extreme disappointment the second time around, it was good originally and I'd still be open to trying out one of their fried chicken nights. Next time I'll just go on a casual evening, not when my parents are visiting from out of town.

      For Jamaican though if you want something more authentic tasting, the Royal Caribbean in East Liberty is pretty good. They have a homemade ginger beer that is hot and delicious. Big downfall though, the service is super slow so don't go if you have to be anywhere sometime soon. As for other restaurant suggestions (non italian), you could try Max's Allegheny Tavern for some german food. Went there with my parents the first time they visited Pittsburgh and we all loved it. Would definantly go again, but I just never find myself going to the North Shore.

      Max's Allegheny Tavern
      537 Suismon St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212

      Royal Caribbean Restaurant
      128 S Highland Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

      1. Thanks for the help. I didn't realize there was another dinning area outside of the bar area. Rick, knowing that you are a bigger guy puts me more at ease. I can deal with being in tighter situations, rest of family, not so much.