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Nov 24, 2010 06:44 AM

homemade falafel and condiment/side help

I know there are already some falafel posts out there and I've looked them over....the thing is, I don't eat much falafel and I'm making it from scratch tonight, as well as homemade pita bread. I have the dough rising in the fridge, I have the chickpeas (only chickpeas, no favas) soaking overnight in water, I've purchased onion, parsley and cilantro....I have tahini for a sauce as well as yogurt and cucumber but I'm looking for advice on baking soda/powder, fry temp., ideal size to make the balls, and additional toppings or sides to add, I haven't settled on a recipe yet so if there is one that stands out, let me know! (I'm worried they'll be dense or dry or dull) I once went to a falafel restaurant in DC where they had a bar of toppings to put on your pita which really sealed the deal for me. Any ideas about this? Thanks so much for any input you might have!

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  1. I have never used baking soda or powder. Oil temp at 375 and I make the falafel slightly larger than a ping pong ball. Toppings: Diced onion, tomatoes, cucumber etc.. I like to sprinkle a little mint on mine sometimes. Good Luck! they're loads of fun to make and socialize over. Definitely better than taco night IMHO.

    1. Possible toppings to have available:

      slices of fried eggplant, tahini sauce, tomato-onion salad, hot sauce, amba (mango pickle), hummus, garlic sauce, mutabal, shredded cabbage salad, french fries (yes! french fries in the sandwich!)....

      1. Just wanted to say thanks for the advice and give an update and say that the falafel went incredibly well, as did the homemade pitas. I based my ingredients from a falafel recipe off the food network site (tyler florence maybe?) with soaked chickpeas, herbs, garlic, onion, and some spices as well as a little baking powder (figured why no), used a food processor and formed balls to throw into the deep fryer...I was really happy as were all the guests. The pita was from and worked like a dream. For sides I made tahini, a yogurt/cuke sauce, an israeli tomato/cucumber salad, sliced up some mango for quick pickling as well as some quick pickled beets. It was a lot of fun and delicious if not a bit messy, definitely worth it!

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          uncooked falafel dough freezes very well.

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            Here is a link to the Tyler Florence recipe:
            It is as close to authentic falafel stand falafels as I've seen, except that I'd grind in scallions instead of onions and skip the black pepper. Resting the mixture in the refrigerator before frying (I'd do it for longer than the recipe calls for) is essential for keeping the balls in one piece during frying