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Nov 24, 2010 06:37 AM

Places to eat in Newark, NJ

My granddaughter will be going to Newark to work for approximately 2 weeks. She loves dining experieces at new restaurants. Probably the low to mid-level price range would suit her, although she occasionally likes to dine in establishments with a higher level of cuisine. I have never been to New Jersey and cannot make any recommendations for her.

Would you mind sharing some of your ideas for good places to eat, please.

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    Some of the more popular places are:

    Sebra's Marisqueira
    Adega Grill
    Brasilia Grill
    Fernandes Steak House

    A simple walk up and down Ferry Streets and the environs will yield many smaller *BBQ Luncheonette/Cafeterias*, that will have very inexpensive meals available for solo diners available for dine-in or take-out service. may want to edit the Topic to Reflect Newark proper

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      Fernandes Steak House is OUTSTANDING!!

    2. I liked Don Pepe. If she gets tired of Portuguese, Spanish, or seafood, I would have liked to have had two weeks to explore the more trendy places near Rutgers in University Heights.

      I always eat at a cheap little place across the street from the River Bank Park on Market Street. It says pizza on the big sign, and it is right next to a laundry. They serve a variety of Brazilian street food and usually have an evening blue plate special, although they wouldn't call it that. The cook understands English; not sure about the waitresses.

      1. I really like the tapas and the vibe at Mompou on Ferry St. Will your daughter have a car? There are lots of places around Newark that are worthy of a short trip if she has wheels.

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          bropaul, she will have wheels and does not mind driving; in fact, she enjoys the exploration of new places.

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            That changes things a lot, because Newark dining is pretty limited to the Ironbound area. Montclair is about 20/25 minutes from downtown Newark and has an amazing array of good restaurants. You should search this board for Montclair.

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              There are not that many places that fit the bill of low to mid level price range in Montclair......, once all is said and done with more than the entree, but here's one place she may like ....


        2. Thanks to all of you for providing this info. She will be delighted with it.

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            Another vote for Mompou! Walkable from Penn Station--it's all of 1.5 blocks behind it down Ferry Street

          2. There are two places that I highly recommend. Bothe are on Washington Ave. in Belleville, which is only minutes from Newark.
            Topaz Thai is a family run restaurant which has absolutley wonderful food and service. Prices are moderate. LePrete is an Italian Restaurant, also on Washington Ave. On Tuesday and Wdnesday they have a buffet for $14.95. Selection is small, but the food is excellent. They serve the buffet from 5 to 8pm. The regular menu can be a little pricey, but it is worth the cost.

            Topaz Thai Restaurant
            137 Washington Ave, Belleville, NJ 07109

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              Plus 1 for Topaz Thai. Excellent authentic thai food.

              Topaz Thai Restaurant
              137 Washington Ave, Belleville, NJ 07109