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Nov 24, 2010 06:16 AM

Sol y Nieve - urgently requesting a review

I've seen that nxtasy recommends Sol y Nieve frequently on this board, but not much mention of it otherwise -- and even after much digging I couldn't find any kind of review.

I'm planning my boyfriend's 40th birthday party, with people flying in from all over North America to join us for the weekend. This is obviously a very important meal! We have a group of 14 people, which means that we need a place that can seat a large party, but we don't particularly want a private room.

Can anyone give me any details on Sol y Nieve? We have a reservation there at the moment, but I've seen that Yelp reviews are mixed. How is the food?

I'm not local to the area, otherwise obviously I'd go try it out myself. We're gambling, here!

Thanks in advance.

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  1. My wife and I were introduced to Sol y Nieve a few years ago by our globe-trotting foodie friends.

    We now consider it one of our favorite places in Chicago.

    We have never been disappointed by the food and their bar and wine selection are both wonderful.

    I think the choice of tapas for a large party is fantastic.

    For my part, I think you have chosen wisely and forecast a wonderful time for your boyfriend and dining guests.

    Have great fun!

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      Fantastic!! I'm so glad to hear this.

      1. re: Kitchen Imp

        And, from my experience, the Yelp community LOVES to be the amateur Anton Egos (critic from "Ratatouille") of cyberspace: If I don't have anything BAD to say, I'll say nothing at all.