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Thanksgiving Gravy

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Through various threads it has been established that powdered, canned, or jarred gravy is a great big no-no. So, do you have a special gravy you like to make on Thanksgiving, or do you just make your standard turkey gravy?

I make a regular gravy, but add some extra sage, thyme and rosemary to it. I like to melt in a pat of butter just before serving it, also.

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  1. I like my gravy simple..... made from pan drippings, sage, thyme and rosemary and strained.

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      The only gravy that makes an appearance with my Thanksgiving turkey is old-fashioned giblet gravy.

    2. I roast the giblets and cook them with some chicken stock and herbs. My family also likes it when I chop up some mushrooms (diced) and simmer them in the stock as well.

      1. I saute sliced mushrooms in butter with S&P, then add them (with pan juices) to the gravy when it's done.

        1. I started using the make ahead gravy recipe a few years ago. Love it! It's a standard gravy but because I use turkey wings to make the stock, then roast more wings to simmer in the stock before thickening, it's got a super hearty turkey flavor.