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Nov 24, 2010 06:12 AM

Thanksgiving Gravy

Through various threads it has been established that powdered, canned, or jarred gravy is a great big no-no. So, do you have a special gravy you like to make on Thanksgiving, or do you just make your standard turkey gravy?

I make a regular gravy, but add some extra sage, thyme and rosemary to it. I like to melt in a pat of butter just before serving it, also.

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  1. I like my gravy simple..... made from pan drippings, sage, thyme and rosemary and strained.

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      The only gravy that makes an appearance with my Thanksgiving turkey is old-fashioned giblet gravy.

    2. I roast the giblets and cook them with some chicken stock and herbs. My family also likes it when I chop up some mushrooms (diced) and simmer them in the stock as well.

      1. I saute sliced mushrooms in butter with S&P, then add them (with pan juices) to the gravy when it's done.

        1. I started using the make ahead gravy recipe a few years ago. Love it! It's a standard gravy but because I use turkey wings to make the stock, then roast more wings to simmer in the stock before thickening, it's got a super hearty turkey flavor.

          1. Here's another question: How thick do you make your gravy? I used to make it quite thick, but in recent years I've been making it closer to au jus, although it still has some body. It seems to make sense to me since everything else that day is so heavy. Guess I'm not that much of a gravy nut anyway.

            But my in-laws (all of us in our 50s and 60s)have been making such a big fuss when I put it on the table, with exaggerated comments, that to be hospitable I think I'll make my thinner gravy from scratch just for me, and use a very good canned one (LeGout) thinned just a tiny bit with my drippings. No way am I making two separate gravies from scratch at the last minute! Or am I just plain wrong ;-)

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              It's a matter of taste, but I'd go with making a large batch of your preferred gravy, then putting some in a separate pot and thickening it with beurre manie. Only takes a few minutes to thicken and cook the flour. Same (almost) flavor, everybody's happy.

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                Thanks, if only SIL knew how to help in the kitchen! They haven't even called yet to see what's up, I'm glad I have time to take a poll before I get frantic.

                I only thought of the canned since I have a big one in the garage I should use up in the near future. I did have the bright idea of keeping the stuffing in the big, new/used crockpot I got this summer, just as I do the mashed potatoes in the old smaller one, putting that out before anyone arrives; so there's a few minutes saved off my hectic serving schedule!