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Nov 24, 2010 05:34 AM

スタミナ苑 (Sutamina-en/Stamina/en) Yakiniku

I recently read about スタミナ苑 on a blog, and it was given quite a good review, but when I checked the boards, I found no mention of it here. Are y'all keeping it a secret, or has no one heard of it? It looks like a small place, and it takes no reservations, but according to Time Out Tokyo, there are long line ups despite it being out-of-the-way.

Time Out blurb (despite what TO writes in the "Admission" section, the restaurant is not open for lunch


Restaurant homepage

Would it be very stupid for me to try to eat yakiniku solo? Not as fun as with a group, and I wouldn't get to eat as much food, but it's been a loooooong time since I've had yakiniku!

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  1. If you want great yakiniku with huge lines outside that takes no reservations and doesn't get talked about on this site, try La Bouef in Yoga ( (yes, the spelling is incorrect, but that is how they choose to spell it.


    It is a fantastic place where I once spent two and a half hours in the queue and wasn't too unhappy about it once I got in. That was on a Saturday (they open at 5pm, but at 4pm the queue is already very long.)

    The meat is fantastic, the many different tares sublime, it is inexpensive and the decor and attitude are unusual (there are, randomly, several hundred plastic action figures on display and they permanently play a Bob Marley DVD; staff are very relaxed and take their time and they refuse to put in more tables or expand - though they coudl easily double their income - because they say they want to maintain an easy work atmosphere).

    You cannot reserve so you tell them your name when you are queing and then watch the queue get gradually and very slowly smaller. Once inside, they only give you 90 minutes (though after a few visits and many pasionate meat-related conversations, they are now letting me stay for an unlimited amount of time, so you do get a regulars bonus).

    It;'s a great place. You will queue for a shorter amount of time during the week, maybe only an hour.

    Is it worth going alone? Definitely. Not sure if they let you - you would need to join another table, but not sure if they even let you do that. However, if they let you, why not? I have never had yakiniku alone, but certainly would not mind.