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Nov 24, 2010 03:54 AM

Japanese in London

I am in London for 2 days and trying to find a good Japanese restaurant on Sunday 5th December. I tried booking Zuma but its not open that night - any recommendations? Staying in Mayfair but willing to travel if its worth the trip! Have seen reasonable reviews about Kiku but I am not sure and also thought about Roka but a pal tells me its overrated??

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    1. I haven't been for a while but I dont think Roka is overrated at all - it's excellent.

      1. The tasting menu at Roka is pretty good actually. Not cheap though. Nobu's good too. Depends what sort of dinner/evening you're after. Sounds like you want upmarket, trendy and japanese, and these two would be top of my list in that regard.

        Umu is supposed to be a similar category to the above also, and in Mayfair. Haven't been yet.

        1. I'd go for Nobu too - food is really excellent (but not necessarily authentic Japanese). Umu is good although I would choose Nobu over Umu. Tsunami in Clapham used to be very good but it's been over 4 years since I last went. Roka is good, not amazing but fine - it's Zuma's little sister.

          1. I'ld skip Nobu (as you can get it in HK or Dubai) and go for one of the new generation of sushi restaurants springing up. Sushi of Shiori and Yashin. Gourmet Traveller has posts on both


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              Just occurred to me that Zuma is also a chain like Nobu with locations in HK and Dubai as well.