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Nov 23, 2010 08:34 PM

can I still use my heavy cream?

I feel pretty stupid but just realized that I left an unopened carton of heavy cream out of the fridge for the past 24 hours. Is it still good to use for baking? I feel like I've heard of room temperature heavy cream being used for things, any chance it's still okay?

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  1. After a bit more research I'd have to agree with maplesugar

    1. Hounds have debated this kind of thing before. Life is not without risks. Consuming a perishable food that's been without refrigeration is one of those risks. There's a chance it's still ok sure and I understand not wanting to waste food...but there's also a chance it's gone bad. Bottom line though: food borne illnesses are nasty and time consuming. In my opinion-toss the cream instead of tossing your cookies.

      1. I'd use it for cooking without a second thought, as long as no pregnant women or immune compromised people were going to eat it. Indeed, I've done that before, and have used it for cooking without a second thought, so it just depends on how cautious you are (and how warm your kitchen is, I know that my kitchen tends to be very cold at this time of year unless the oven is on).

        1. I'd also use it as long as it wasn't sitting on or near a warm stove, heater, etc. If you can leave butter, cream cheese or even milk out overnight to make yogurt or the starter for sourdough, there is not much more difference in the cream IMO.