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New Years Picnic in Paris

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So I have read everyone's disdain for eating out on New Years in Paris and I thought I would take you up on the picnic idea. I will not have a kitchen so I will need to go to market. What would you recommend and where should I go to buy the supplies? We are staying in the Marais District, but plan on going to the Cité for the fireworks display as suggested.

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  1. Nota bene, "the fireworks display" at the end of the ile de la Cité, looking towards the Pont des Arts and the Louvre isn't a display. It's just people who are out and about lighting a few fireworks. It's very pretty though.

    There used to be a display organised by City Hall either at the bottom of the Champs Elysées, or on the Champs de Mars, but alas is no longer.

    For your picnic needs, I'm sure someone who knows the Marais much better than I will come to your rescue. One thing though, the Marais, especially in the minds of real estate agents and the like, gets bigger all the time. In which part of the Marais are you staying? Pont Marie? Near Bastille? Chatelet? Rue de Bretagne? I ask this as it will change your grocery shopping options.

    1. Assume you are asking about New Years Eve and NOT New Years Day. Markets and stores will be open. Pick whatever is convenient, shop early. Depending on how picky you are, in the Marais are stores on r. St. Antoine, r. Rambateau, over on Montorgueil, Enfants Rouge.
      Spots for picnic near Cite: Sq du Vert Galant is postcard, Tuileries, rear of Notre Dame, the banks of the Seine, even the benches on Pont des Arts, short stroll to Luxembourg. The Marais has very little greenery, Pl des Vosges might be the only place. Just bundle up, cold

      1. I am talking about New Years Eve and I am actually staying near the metro stop of Place d'Italie. But will be in the Marais district that day, probably closer to the Bastille.

        John Talbot mentioned in another chowhound blog that he would be doing "Oysters from the street, foie gras and fish eggs from Petrossian, cheese from Quatrehomme, bubbly from Lavinia, TV from 2 (Crazy Horse etc). "

        I thought that sounded interesting so I wanted to know what places would you recommend for some great picnic foods in my area of town.

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          You can look up the days and time of the markets near you here:

          I wish the CH board would make the above link into an FAQ thread. Or any FAQ.

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            Thanks. I will check it out!

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            "John Talbot mentioned...."
            He's nuts and lives up in the 18th; what do you expect?
            in the Marais, the best I can offer is that Cheese Store I cannot recall the name of across from the St Paul Metro. Otherwise I spend the Eve trekking around town for eats.

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                Could be, gotta go see again. I thot Mangeur pegged it elsewhere.

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                  " "Beillevaire."
                  Could be "

                  77 rue St Antoine. Pascal Beillevaire, right?

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                    oh boy thanks that sounds delightful. I can't wait to try it. You all have been so helpful! Perhaps I will see you there.

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                      " "Beillevaire."
                      Could be "

                      77 rue St Antoine. Pascal Beillevaire, right?

                      As I said elsewhere, http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/7488... I was walking aimlessly from the Bastille to the MEP, saw a line, bought the stuff, came home, gorged, threw out the wrappers thoughtlessly, and am not about to schlep my sorry soul down there tmrw to settle this.

                      Could be; Google Earth and Pages Jaunes do not convince me.

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                        Well when I get there I will try it out and let you know.