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Nov 23, 2010 05:34 PM

Candied Persimmon or ??

Our neighbor just gave us a bag of persimmons. This is an ingredient that I don't *love*. In fact, I think they are pretty much icky. My Mom just dropped off a delish persimmon bread (with apricots, cranberries, walnuts in it) that both picky 6-year old and I have been enjoying warmed and schmeared for breakfast. She also dropped off the recipe (sanx, Mama). All blended into a bread, I have no problem with it.

Hubster suggested candied persimmon to add to our add to our appetizer spread for Thanksgiving, thinking it would pair well with some of the cheeses on our cheese/crudité/charcuterie board. I have done a cursory interwebs snoop on this, nothing of substance appeared.

Suggestions for this bag of fall fruit?

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  1. feel free to send some my way, persimmon is one of my favorite foods! ;)

    freezer jam
    cookie bars/blondies

    1. Icky? But . . . but . . . persimmons are a delicacy of the highest order! Candy that grows on trees! Food fit for Roman emperors! One of Mother Nature's finest food gifts. :-)