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Nov 23, 2010 05:01 PM

Monterrey Restaurants?

Travelling to Monterrey. Any restaurant recommendations for good, authentic, local cuisine? Thanks

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  1. For a great local northeast mexican food try "La Nacional" you cant get any better, its not cheap but its the best , is located in San Pedro ave. corner Av. Fleteros. For a great atmosphere, relaxing afternoon, good music and good seafood try "Pacifica" located in Av. Lazaro Cardenas in San Pedro, for a very popular tourist restaurant go to "El Rey del Cabrito", its not bad. Have fun and take care.

    1. A traditional family place, excellent food the locals love.

      El Tio
      Obispado, Monterrey, NL , MX

      1. For excellent cabrito al pastor, Gran San Carlos.

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          Ditto this. Very good cabrito. They're cafe de olla was very good as well, tho' not quite as good as the Vampiro ;-)