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Nov 23, 2010 04:49 PM

Holts Cafe?

How is the cafe in Holt Renfrew? Anyone have any experience there? The menu seems interesting.

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  1. I think it's a place to eat for someone who is shopping there and who is hungry, in a rush, and doesn't care. But not a place to seek out. IMO it is overpriced, not great, and not filling either.

    I've tried their tartine which was mushroom and chevre (they boast about their tartine imported from France). Don't remember much about it other than it not being that interesting to eat, and costly. I've also had a prosciutto soup that was very salty.

    When I walk by I have seen the place very busy at lunch, curious.

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    1. re: socialhvn

      I've eaten there once and also find it overpriced for what it is; they also seem to put truffle oil on everything, which I don't like. There are so many other options if you're shopping in that area,
      I'll usually go to Soup Soups on Crescent for a quick lunch.

      1. re: superbossmom

        The wine is reasonably priced as far as I remember... I think its a good place to go for a drink and appetizer but I wouldnt have a meal there. Also conveniently close to the fine art museum.

      2. re: socialhvn

        The bread is flown in from Poilane in Paris, which explains the cost of the tartines...IMHO, the food is fine, although nothing outstanding, considering the price. It is always busy at lunch, between staff (I assume they get discounts), shoppers and people working in the area.

      3. I've got to agree with the previous posters. I took a staff intern there for lunch to celebrate her first 'real job' offer, and to thank her for her work with us. The location was very handy and I was hoping it would be a bit special - it's more upscale than my usual lunch spots in the area. We each had a tartine. I remember thinking the dishes were very expensive for the meals we were served, and they weren't all that memorable. The room is bright and the tables are arranged in long lines giving it a bit of a 'cafeteria' vibe (albeit a slick, designer one). My overriding memory is of slight discomfort - snooty waiters, hard chairs, those absurdly large plates (I don't mean the food was large, just the plates). All in all, not a particularly relaxing place, nor is the food wonderful, so its strong point is really just the location in my opinion.

        1. The cafe in Ogilvys otoh, is fantastic!