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Nov 23, 2010 02:49 PM

63 Bistro

My coworkers and I have gotten into a bit of a lunch rut. We work in the Lansdale\West Point area and like to go out for lunch in an area that doesn't have a lot of quick, cheap, non-chain alternatives.

So last week we tried 63 Bistro (I guess the Castellano post jooged my memory to post), in the Redner's plaza next to the old Castellano. When we walked in I was a little taken aback by its small and somewhat dingy interior.

However . . .

I had the salad and 1/2 sandwich special--a fresh salad of greens and 1/2 french dip sandwich. The greens were a tasty fresh mix--nothing to write home about, but certainly better lunch fare than our usual suspects. And the kicker was the dressing was delicious and not only was the plate cold, but it was served with a cold salad fork (still pondering that fork; not sure if it was a plus or minus; but the cold plate was a plus). The 1/2 french dip sandwich could have used a crispier bread, but otherwise excellent: the cheese was totally melted into really fresh beef and the jus was very beefy flavorful.

My DC1 had soup and 1/2 veggie pannini. The pumpkin bisque soup had seeds on top and she said it was delicious. Her veggie 1/2 was crisp, cheesy and full of grilled veggies.

DC2 had a full pannini (forget which) but she loved it. DC2's dish came with "fries," which were actually slices of potatoes, cooked with skins and salted with sea salt. She invited me to try them and I did not decline.

The service was friendly and attentive, but not over-bearing and we managed to order, eat and converse in reasonable "lunch hour" time.

There was only one other table when we arrived, but by the time we left more than 3/4 of the eight or ten tables were occupied.

You can check my posts--I am not a shill for this spot; just so happy to add another "go to" place for a workaday lunch.

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  1. Went here for a special occasion this past weekend. I ordered and enojoyed the "birch beer bbq short ribs". Dining partner ordered the "colmar chicken". Really didn't enjoy and it was only after he had finished eating did he realize that the cheese mentioned in the menu description had been left off the entree. Brought the omission to the waitress's attention. She checked with the kitchen and offered to add the cheese to the portion in our leftover to-go box. We declined. When reviewing the bill, noticed a small difference in price between what was stated in the menu and what was on the bill for my entree. I asked the waitress about this and found out it was an up-charge for a condiment added to my side dish. She apologized for not having told me about the up-charge at the time of ordering. Upon receiving the credit card signature slip, noticed that the total amount was now significantly reduced from the original bill. The waitress hadn't said anything when she dropped off the slip, so I wasn't sure if it was a mistake? I went and checked with her and she said her manager had run the credit card, so whatever it said must be accurate. So odd. I later realized that the dessert had been comped, hence the difference between the bill and the credit card slip. Bottom line, I enjoyed my meal, but feel that communication/service could have been better. I just left the restaurant feeling confused and awkward.