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Nov 23, 2010 02:32 PM

Need recs for casual dining Sandy Springs or Buckhead

Traveling to SEC Championship football game Dec. 4, staying nr junction I-285 & Ga 400 and riding MARTA to and from the Ga. Dome.
After the game (about 7:30 pm) , all the restaurants near the Dome will be packed, so I'd like to go back up to Sandy Springs and find a reasonably priced (entrees about $20 or less) place where we won't need reservations and don't need to dress up.
We have a car, so we can drive down to Buckhead if need be.
Any suggestions?

Sandy Springs Cafe
6065 Roswell Rd NE Ste 100, Atlanta, GA 30328

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  1. $20 may be tough.I like Petite Maison on Roswell Rd--10 minutes from you.If you want real casual,theres a good sports bar that has a very good menu under 20--its Firebirds--its in the Walmart shopping plaza off Ashford Dunwoody--again 10 minutes.If you like Chinese,go to Litlle Szechuan on Buford Highway about 15 minutes---15 price here--have fun

    1. No need to drive down to Buckhead as there are plenty of options if you want to stay further north. Is there a cuisine you prefer? If you really want to avoid a wait, I would hit up get some ethnic cuisine on Buford Highway. It's only 5 - 10 minutes from I-285/GA 400. Plenty of good Korean BBQ, Chinese and Vietnamese options and pretty much no wait. If you want to go to a place with TV's to keep an eye on any of the games, there's Taco Mac off of Abernathy. If you really want to go to Buckhead, you can hit up Dantanna's for a upscale sports bar. I would forgo any of the places at Perimeter Mall (Cheesecake Factory, Maggiano's, Hudson Grill). Not that they aren't worthy, but they will all have long waits. How big a group?

      3400 Around Lenox Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30326

      1. Houston's at Northside Dr./West Paces right off I-75 and not too far driving in toward town on interstates (guess traffic will be coming out). No reservations required but you will probably have to wait. On Saturday night I don't know where you will walk in and sit down right away - maybe at OK Cafe which is a block away so you have two casual choices in that spot.

        "A quintessentially reliable restaurant with delicious food and outstanding service" is one Yelpers description of Houston's. I especially like their Hawaian Ribeye w/potato - I usually sub tasty handcut fries for the baked potato. And add the traditional salad w/blue cheese at a discount - very good salad IMO. That is one of two or three of the most expensive meals. With salad and water It will run you over $30. More if you get a drink and they have a bar where it's tempting to imbibe while waiting to be seated. Other entrees are good and not as pricey. Casual but elegantly appointed and plenty of parking in a shopping plaza:
        Texas Houston's, similar menu:

        OK Cafe is recommended by some for southern style but I've only eaten there once. Easier on the budget than Houstons but not as elegant. Read about it here:

        Houston's does try to keep a dress code. I wouldn't go in football jerseys or tattered jeans. They will ask you to remove your hat if you go in with one. Nice jeans or slacks with a sport shirt is fine.

        1. The Prodao on Roswell Road between Buckead and Sandy Springs has a number of options - 5Seasons brewing has good beer and a varied menu. There's also a taco mac (sports bar), a japanese restaurant. and a Latin grill.

          Sandy Springs Cafe
          6065 Roswell Rd NE Ste 100, Atlanta, GA 30328

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          1. re: Enfielder

            The Prado was my thought too. 5 Seasons has fantastic food & beer with a sports bar vibe. Taco Mac is our local sports bar chain with great wings. There's also Genki if you're down for sushi. The Japanese place is quite pricy so I wouldn't send you there. This is right at 285 & Roswell Rd, so easy to find for an out-of-towner and enough options to play it by ear that night and show up in jeans to any of these. I'll be at the game too - go War Eagles!!

            Genki Restaurant & Bar
            3186 Roswell Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30305

            1. re: jboeke

              FWIW, the partners of 5 Seasons are parting ways. The Westside and Alpharetta locations will stay the same. The Prado location becomes Lucky Devil Brewing as of today. Still good folks participating at all of them, so I don't see it as a bad change, just a change.

              Since my team didn't manage to play the second half on Saturday, Go Carolina!

              1. re: ted

                Thanks for the info. I didn't know this and we like 5 Seasons a lot, so here's hoping it's a good or minimal change at Prado (near me!). Gamecocks are going down...but I'm hoping for a good battle.

                1. re: jboeke

                  Yeah, I have my fingers crossed that it's a good change, too. Dennis and Kevin are good guys that I root for.

                  Don't worry, the NCAA is going to wipe AU's slate clean of wins after the season anyway. ;-)

                  1. re: ted

                    FYI, I spoke before the shakeup was over. Prado is still 5 Seasons. Not sure of all the ramifications.

          2. Teela Tacqueria in City Walk on Sandy Springs Place is delicious and has great $3.50 tacos. La Fonda on Roswell Rd. is a casual Spanish restaurant that has great paella. If you want Chinese, I suggest Canton Cooks or Hunan Gourmet, both off of Sandy Springs Circle. Finally, if you like Persian food, Rumi's and Mirage are both great options. Each one is located off of Roswell Rd., with Mirage being further outside the Perimeter.

            Hunan Gourmet Restaurant
            6070 Sandy Springs Cir NE, Atlanta, GA 30328

            Sandy Springs Cafe
            6065 Roswell Rd NE Ste 100, Atlanta, GA 30328

            Canton Cooks
            5984 Roswell Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30328