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Nov 1, 2005 10:32 AM

Best Pho in LA?

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Looking for the best pho in la?

Any suggestions?

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    Dinos Burgers

    There is no good pho in LA. Apparently according to chowsters here only in the San Gabriel Valley. But it';s to much to drive 20min+ for a $5 bowl of soup i you ask me.

    Good luck, if you find somewhere that doesn't suck 100%. please let us know as we are searching.

    Pho Hoa = wilted sides, bad broth
    Pho LA = bad broth, bad service
    Pho Western = over priced, not good
    Pho 79 = Stole my sell phone when I went pee (only one in restaraunt)

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    1. re: Dinos Burgers

      Have to say I'm rather new to this, but Pho Hua and a place whose name I don't remember in the SGV are tied for my favorite pho so far. My sides at PH have never been less than fresh, and I adore the broth. Divergent tastes or dissimilar experiences, who knows?

      Do NOT understand being unwilling to "drive 20 min+ for a $5 bowl of soup"! There have been many occasions when we've driven an hour or more each way for a decent meal, both lunch and supper, and we'll cheerfully do it again. Or take the Gold Line to Chinatown for lunch. Is this the Chowdilettantes Board or what?

      1. re: Will Owen

        I like Pho Dac Biet at Golden Deli.

        1. re: Jay

          Where is the Golden Deli??

          1. re: curious

            West Las Tunas at Mission Drive, San Gabriel, NW corner. Biggish strip mall, several other very nice restaurants in there too. Mobbed on weekends. Vietnam House, w/ same ownership and much of the same food (and less of a crowd!) is in another mall catty-cornered across the street. Highly recommended.

            1. re: Will Owen

              i'm a pho 999 regular (very regular) and over the weekend i had pho so 1 on reseda at sherman way. i'll admit that the first spoonful of soup was better than that of pho 999. much more flavorful. but halfway into the bowl, i felt that there was too much msg in the soup, to the point that i couldn't enjoy it. my friends agreed. i don't think i have a low threshold for msg; i eat ramen, korean soups, etc just fine. this soup left us parched and thirsting for water hours later.

              that said, the best pho i've had in socal (to expand the scope of this thread) was in san diego at pho hoa cali.

              1. re: Will Owen

                I'd agree with this recommendation (I'm vietnamese, and I'm sure ppl will get tired of me saying this). Go to Vietnam House though... wait is almost non-existant. Probably some of the best pho with out having to drive down to Westminster (which just smells like Pho as you drive in!!!)

                1. re: Das Foodie

                  Sorry Das Foodie for tailgating you, but I'd have to disagree on the Golden Deli. Tried GD, cuz I heard so much about this place, but was a bit dissapointed on the authenticity and the depth of the broth. (Not saying that it was bad, but I don't think it's the "Best Pho in LA".
                  I am also Vietnamese, and IMO I think that most people have not really experienced a true authentic bowl of Pho, and therefore dont' know.

                  I'm gonna have to mention Pho 79 again (made a post above about Banh Xeo), because I think they rock in the Pho department also. BF and I go there at least three times a week, and he gets the Pho every single time. Pho chin bo vien and lots of Gan (Pho, with brisket, tendon beef balls, and tendons). Pho, and Banh Hoi Cha Gio Thit Nuong (Flat vermicelli noodle cake, with egg rolls, and BBQ pork) are the dishes we always order plus a new dish off the beaten path. What's great is the total always comes out to be under $20 for three dishes, a glass of fresh orange juice, and tip.

                2. re: Will Owen
                  Mr. Bigglesworth

                  Wanted to see what the hubbub was about on Golden Deli, so I fought for a parking spot like at Costco on a Saturday morning. Got my seat at the restaurant, and MAN was I hungry. This usually means that what ever I eat tastes so splendid. I looked around the restaurant and at my table so I could get myself ready to grub I then noticed that there were forks on the table something that I have never ever seen before at a pho restaurant before that was my first warning sign I then looked around and realized that there were no vietnamese faces at all in the restaurant, and I'm sorry but when I go to what I think is a real ethnic restaurant and I don't see the type of ethnic people eating there that the food represents then usually you my friend are in the wrong restaurant or one that is forced by its demographics of customer to cater to the watered down version of the original recipes. Luckily the waiter was vietnamese and got my order I got the usual pho dac biet plus a chinese doughnut with sweetened hot soy milk I was very hungry at this point and really looking forward to my food. service was pretty good despite it being so crowded I was trippin though because there so many chinese people and mexicans and whites I myself am japanese and have dated all manner of different asians and other races but most asians can tell the difference between the different facial characteristics of different asian ethnicities, anyways my point being when I want bomb ass indian food I go to little india or to korea town for korean food etc.... but if I went there and saw a predomince of not indians in a restaurant or koreans in that restaurant then something is fishy, well i got the food and the chinese doughnut was good, a little on the soft side though but still good,but the pho was very dissapointing it was lacking in the umami dept. maybe they didn't use enough bones to make the broth or used just salt to make it salty instead of nuoc mam to me it was just mediocre not bad but certainly not good and certainly not the best pho in L.A I love pho 79 On Garfield and Main its cheep great and they actually have an A from the health dept. at least for right now, although I have had some pretty good chinese food at restaurants with a B maybe its adds flavor anyway I hope this post doesn't bring hordes of people to make my wait to long at my beloved pho 79 because I will bite when hungry beware of Mr. Bigglesworth

                  1. re: Mr. Bigglesworth

                    Will have to try Pho 79. It's been on my list, but I just haven't gotten around to it.


                    1. re: Mr. Bigglesworth

                      What happened to punctuation and sentence structure on the last half of the post?

                      It got real difficult to read at the end.

                      1. re: AW
                        Mr. Bigglesworth

                        Sorry, I was weak without my usual pho intake and it was late for me when I wrote it.

            2. re: Dinos Burgers

              I highly recommend Saigon Dish at 15725 Hawthorne Blvd in Lawndale. Btwn W 156th St & Manhattan Beach Blvd. It's the best Pho I've had anywhere in LA. Their broth, meat and condiments are all excellent and top quality ingredients. Also they have great service to boot. Prices are around $6-8 for a soup. This is a small place in strip mall but they make every effort to accomodate people as quickly as possible.

            3. So Pho 1 in the Valley (Sepulveda and Victory). Technically, its L.A. (county).

              1. d
                Das Ubergeek

                I'm going to say it's at Pho So 1, on Sepulveda and Victory in Van Nuys.

                Westside and Mid-City are hopeless, pho-wise -- either Korean-style, which I don't like, or completely Americanised.

                1. Pho Hoa in Chinatown. It's cheaper and better than Pho 79.

                  1. If looking in SGV-ish area:

                    Pho Hien Mai
                    Address: 9805 Garvey Ave, El Monte, CA 91733
                    Phone: (626) 575-2722