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Nov 23, 2010 12:50 PM

Best Eclairs in Paris

Le Figaro has spoken. In Figaroscope Magazine, they have declared Patisserie Stohrer to have the absolute best eclairs in all of Paris.

A lot of folks, however, feel that La Maison de Chocolat is #1 for eclairs.

Any first-hand opinions on eclairs?

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  1. When does the article date from? François Simon and gang did a survey a couple of years back for the newspaper in which the Stohrer éclairs came third, I think, (though it's dificult to tell this when you read the truncated version of the article outside their store).

    I like Jacques Genin's, though I enjoy taking visitors down Montorgueil and asking them if they want to try the "third best éclairs in Paris".

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        Thank you!

        Did you take the photo outside the Storher boutique? If so, it's the truncated, and misleading version an old article that I refer to above. For what it's worth - these Figaro spreads, thank God, don't take themselves too seriously - Storher came third, or second, but not first.

    1. There are many places for best éclairs in Paris. They are obtained with different techniques. Some will fill them with ganache and others with pastry cream, some like shiny glaze and others matte icing...
      First you should know your favorites (chocolate, coffee, caramel or the fancy stuff - macha tea, violet, Fauchon bells and whistles). Nothing beats simplicity (see which I wouldn't dare to link if it weren't so about éclairs) and precisely nothing beats a good chocolate éclair.
      Here are my favorites:

      Jacques Génin
      Carl Marletti
      La Maison du Chocolat
      Cacao et Chocolat

      Haven't tried Stohrer yet.

      1. The little bakery on Mouton-Duvernet at the corner of Boulard has pretty awesome straightforward chocolate éclairs. Go early. Also, it's one of those places where they do one thing right, and that's the éclairs, but you don't really want to eat the rest.

        Pichard, on rue Cambronne, makes wonderful pièces montées -- so, while I don't remember trying them, I'm ready to bet that his éclairs are wonderful.
        Totally second Pti's list, of course.

        1. had a foie gras eclair from Stohrer once, fabulous.