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Nov 23, 2010 12:36 PM

Brooklyner Moved to DC--Need Recs for Top 10 (or 15) Restaurants in DC

Just moved to DC from NYC/Brooklyn. Would love to get Chowhounders recs for their top 10 (or 15 if you have a top 15) recs for restaurants in DC.


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  1. Top 20 places covered by this board (sorry if they are not all in DC):

    Joe's Noodle House, Sichuan, Rockville, MD
    Oohhs and Aahhs, Soul Food, DC
    Pimento Grill, Jamaican, DC
    Myanmar, Falls Church, VA
    Ruan Thai, Wheaton, MD
    Sichuan Pavillion, Rockville, MD
    Etete, Ethiopian, DC
    Chez Aunty Libe, Senegalese, DC
    Pioneer Pit Beef, Baltimore, MD
    Jaleo, Spanish, DC
    Grace Garden, Hong Kong, Odenton, MD
    The Lounge at Citronelle, Inventive, DC
    Just Jerk, Lanham, MD
    Samantha's, Salvadoran, Langley Park, MD
    Lyon Hall, Alsatian, Arlington, VA
    Maizbon, Afghan, Alexandria, VA
    Againn, Irish, DC
    Nha Trang, Vietnamese, Falls Church, VA
    Luzmilla's, Bolivian, Falls Church, VA
    Mazadar, Afghan, Fairfax, VA

    Top then things you can eat in DC:

    Polori with pickled tamarind sauce, Rita's
    Faux gras and duck rillettes, Central
    Toasted marshmallow milkshake, Good Stuff Eatery
    Margherita pizza, 2 Amys
    Oyster and Ginger casserole, Full Kee
    Oxtail Brown Stew, Pimento Grill
    Corned beef and pastrami sandwich, Deli City
    Grilled shrimp over rice with gravy, Oohhs and Aahhs
    Red curry salmon, Thai X-ing
    Red lentils, Queen Makeda