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Nov 23, 2010 12:20 PM

Is there anywhere I can find rhubarb?

I know that it is not rhubarb season but in my mind there is nothing better than rhubarb pie with vanilla ice cream. I know i have been able to get it occasionally at this time of year. Does anyone know where I could get some now? I would prefer fresh but would even resort to frozen at this point.

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  1. Check Trader Joe;'s for frozen ?? Sometimes they have strawberry - rhubarb pie,,,

    1. I had trouble finding rhubarb when it was in season. Whole Foods couldn't keep it in stock. Apparently the early harvest took a toll. Good luck.

      1. Have you tried Produce Junction?

        1. They always have it frozen at Whole foods in Plymouth meeting. It is ready to go for pie and I think it may even be organically grown. I threw it in a cranberry sauce recently and it was awesome, but going a little off topic, sour pie cherries in cranberry sauce is ridiculously good. I wish I could find those frozen.

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            Trader Joes sour cherries in a jar is my go to source for sour cherries. Make great cobbler paired with blueberries.

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                They are in a sweetened liquid but I drain that off.