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Nov 23, 2010 12:19 PM

Can I make these tonight for Thanksgiving?

I am doing Thanksgiving dinner in my teeny apartment using my even tinier galley kitchen. I'm trying my best to stagger what I'm making. I am hoping that tonight I can make the dough for "Overnight Butter Rolls" (obviously, as the title implies you are supposed to let them sit overnight. I'm just wondering if you're pushing it with dough if you go two nights) and butternut squash/apple soup. Do you think that either of these can be made tonight? The soup requires cream, but I wouldn't add that until Thanksgiving day.

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  1. You can definitely make the soup in advance. If you're goiing to reheat the soup in the same pot, just put the pot in the fridge instead of transferring to a container and back to the pot. One less pot to wash!

    Can't answer you on the rolls....

    1. I'd freeze them tonight, take them out of the freezer and refrigerate late afternoon and then rest overnight then. They might work in the refrigerator, depending on how cold it is but if they over-rise, they could fall.

      1. Soup can definitely be made ahead and finished on Thursday. (I've done winter squash soups weeks in advance and stashed them in the freezer.) The rolls are dicier--is there something else you can sub at this late date? I've had bread dough both over rise--not appetizing. Or is there another dish that might be able to be made now, and the rolls made tomorrow?

        1. As far as the rolls are concerned, I'd bake them tomorrow as per the recipe, but just until the crust is lightly browned. Then, as soon as they're cooled, freeze them. On Thursday pop them into the oven at 325 for 8-10 minutes until hot and golden.