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Nov 23, 2010 11:28 AM

DogfishHead Brewmasters (moved from Beer board)

Anyone watch the first episode on Discovery on Sunday or Monday night?

An interesting look at a craft brewer facilities and how they experimented in developing their Bitches Brew tribute, for which a 2nd batch was just released. Loved the old pickup and the care given to quality control. Not too fond of the rappin' brewcrew.

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  1. I thought it was a good show, I am loking forward to the rest of the series. I personally thought the rap scenes were hysterical - Sam seems like a good guy, simply having fun and enjoying what he is doing in life.

    1. Come on the rap was great and vintage Sam C. I think its great he's getting an opportunity to represent craft brewing to the common public on this kind of level. Its about time. Hes a great guy with a special approach to life. I enjoyed the episode although Im a little worried it will just degenerate into a kind of "Ace of Cakes" with beer. Never really liked reality TV shows and this one seems to follow the similar dilemma/resolution theme of most reality TV shows but has enough of Sams fantastic quirky uniqueness (that those of us who have been plugged into the craft beer underground for the past ten years know is for real) to make the series work. Lets just hope the corporate writers dont force the reality TV formula on him too much. But then again folks lets take what we can get and not assume our perfect TV show is something that would be viable on major cable. Remember, most people watching reality shows want "gimmick" and drama, not content. So all these beer snobs that Ive heard complaining about the show (its too pedestrian. they need to focus more on techy brewing aspects and less on the filler, etc) are really kind of living in a dream world (not to mention that they apparently have no sense of humor). Discovery Channel needs to cater to its audience. Theres no getting around that. So this is probably the best we could hope for. Youll have to stick to the internet for your true brewing geek shows.

      One complaint I have is Im not looking forward to not being able to find a seat at the DFH Brewpubs or find DFH products now because they will become like Georgetown Cupcakes after their reality TV show.

      1. this is an entirely personal bias, but I'd prefer a little more beer making details and less Sam Calagione schtick. I think he can be a little annoying after a while, but a greater focus on the task at hand would tone him down a little.

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        1. re: chuckl

          Hey chuckl

          I don't consider it a personal bias - Calagione annoyed the hell out of me the entire episode. He reminds me of Scott Peterson and I couldn't concentrate. In time things will work out though. What I mean is, that I will have better control over the dvr remote to skip through the formulated crap that Discovery works into most of their programming. In fairness to Calagione, it's not his fault that he...looks like Scott Peterson. Hey - I've got a theme for his next specialty brew.....

        2. Not a bad show, and Sam C. seems to be a real "character".
          I don't really have a problem with the fact that the show seems to be more than anything else an infomercial for Dogfish Head (and involving the brewery in the series is a pretty shrewed marketing move).

          In truth, I'm not even really a huge fan of the beers (though they do make a couple of decent enough ones) but I do like the fact that this show doesn't seem take itself too seriously (I mean, it's only beer after all), and it's fun to see them _having_ some fun . Sometimes beer geeks can really come off as opinionated and even stodgy (especially those obsessed with those artificial and annoying "style" categories). Some of the discussions in the various homebrewing forums regarding the show, it's premise, and with regard to Sam's persona, have been downright hilarious (and mostly revealing a bit of jealousy of Sam's high profile and business success).

          I'll be curious, however, to see if the producers can sustain the premise through multiple episodes.
          I personally think that spotlighting a different brewery every week would make for a more interesting series, but then again the main premise here seems to be Sam's trademark penchant for unusual ingredients and methods.
          In any case, I think it's a decent effort.

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          1. re: The Professor

            I love good craft beer and appreciate any mainstream recognition of micro and home brew.

            I agree with The Professor who posted above - spotlighting a different brewery each week would make for an interesting series ( show ).

            watching Sam "top" his forced quirky input would be a nose-dive in ratings and death to his over-hyped product.

          2. Whatched the first episode and I thought it was a pretty good effort when they stuck to beer and brewing. As a homebrewer I was interested in the technical aspects when they discussed the beer they were making but a little shocked that they thought nothing of pushing a 9% beer with adjunct out in just 5 weeks. But now I know why some of their bigger beers are so hot. ;-) Only negative thing about the show for me (and my wife who watched with me) was the whole hip hop thing. Gave me that same kind of uneasy, embarrassed feeling like when watching The Office for the first time, but not nearly as funny. The Pain Relievaz was dated, corny schtick back in 2003, and now its just uncomfortable to watch. Sam was a good host though and mostly likeable, but I'm hoping that Bryan Selders gets killed off in the next episode (its a personal thing).

            Funny watching noobs getting all excited about DFH though as if they are the only brewery like this in america, not realizing that they probably have their own version of DFH in their back yard all these years and didn't know it. Good PR for DFH in the meantime, but I hope it translates to the craft beer industry as a whole to the newly converted.

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            1. re: LStaff

              I like it, but as has been stated above, I'd prefer to see different breweries featured.

                1. re: BSelders

                  If this is really is Bryan, I must say, even with my previous hatred for you and your brewery, I like the show and even you come across as somewhat likeable.

                  Hope the show is doing well enough to stick around. One day you might become as famous as the guys from American Pickers.


                  1. re: LStaff

                    Hey, this really is Bryan. I must say I was pretty shocked to see that all come up again. Thanks for watching the show. I'm proud of the fact that we can give people an honest look inside our brewery and share our enthusiasm for what we do.

                    I'd really like to be famous like the guy who wears Poison's old get-ups to kill 'possums and whatnot.