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Where to buy mini pot de creme pots

I don't know if they even exist, but where would you go to look for tiny creme pots?

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  1. ramekins? like this? if so, you can get tiny ones at many places such as nella, Tap Phong on Spadina, kitchen stuff plus (certain locations). I got mine at TP on Spadina and I think I paid a $1 each. They hold about 1-11/2 ounces each but they come in many many sizes.

    Tap Phong
    360 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

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      lol, was just talking about Tap Phong. Best place to go for this kind of thing.

      Tap Phong
      360 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

    2. I'm not sure what a "pot de creme" is, but try Benix. They sell all sorts of kitchen plates, bowls, pots, and gadgets, and there are multiple locations all over the GTA,

      1. Are you looking for mini versions of the traditional pot de creme pots (with a lid and one or two handles)? If so, I don't know if they exist. The smallest pot de creme pots you'll likely be able to find are 3oz.

        1. For a really cool substitute, you could buy espresso cups instead:)

          1. If you're in the north end try Cayne's on Doncaster. If you're in the west end try Golda's Kitchen. Both also have great websites to check out first.

            Golda's Kitchen
            2885 Argentia Rd, Mississauga, ON L5N, CA

            1. Perhaps Williams-Sonoma? You also could do a search on Google and look for a French cooking equipment site that you could order from. Hope this helps!

              1. president's choice is selling desserts in individual dishes. i think the current insider's report has them at $4.00 per pack of 2. my nearest store had creme brulée and creme caramel, and i think there may be others. you get the desserts and the reusable glass ramekins.

                1. Have you been reading Thomas Keller's cookbook?

                  are you looking for ones with lids? I was also looking for them and couldn't find any (with lids). I resorted to ordering them from the states. I don't recall the store off hand, it was the one listed at the back of the cookbook, I think it was either Bouchon or Ad Hoc.

                  good luck and please do let me know if you find them in the GTA.

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                    The French Laundry line of tableware is called Hommage Point, manufactured by Limoges/Bernardaud. There is a dealer in Mississauga named Globe Hotelware, but I don't know if they will sell to the general public.