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toppings for curried butternut squash soup?

I am serving this soup for Thanksgiving and need an idea for a pretty and tasty topping.


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      Ancho chili, seeded and slit down the side. Fry in oil which will puff up the chile skin.

      Crumble on soup. Makes a nice smokey flavor.

    2. I recently had a similar soup topped with about 1/2 teaspoon of chili oil - it was wonderful!

      1. funny, we were just talking about this 5 minutes ago. here's the version we love. we have served this many times. when my wife makes it, she adds thin slices of the granny apple in a circle on the top with the cider cream in the middle. YUM!


        1. I love some roasted pumpkin seeds on my curry squash soups. Nice little crunch, and the flavor is really nice. My store carries them but calls them Pepitas.

          1. We like ours with a dollop of sour cream and some fresh diced parsley. Nice and simple.

            1. sage oil, walnut oil, anything apple (love the cider cream, I'd use creme fraiche), finely chopped swiss chard, finely chopped roasted walnuts or pecans or chestnuts, blue cheese (possibly diluted with cream or creme fraiche), calvados.

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                When I was in chef school we made a similar soup. For the garnish we made savory crepes. We made an apple chutney. Dropped a dozen chives in hot water for ten to fifteen seconds. A heaping tablespoon of the apple chutney onto the crepe gathered the crepe in and tied it together with a piece of chive. Place the the filled crepe in the soup bowl and pour the soup around it. Nice presentation with a little surprise. giver a whirl.

              2. I agree with davmar77's suggestion about the granny smith apple slices (and that cider cream sounds wonderful).

                I scattered some shredded coconut on mine just the other night... it was delicious, especially with the curry!

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                    I was wondering what kind of curry and how spicy. With a medium / sweet (like Jamaican) curry, perhaps a yogurt-based topping. With a spicy or sour curry, perhaps a sweet Cream of coconut - based topping.

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                      i used Ship's green label Madras curry powder, about 2 teaspoons per 3lbs of cut up squash.
                      It gives the soup a little heat but it is not spicy. I have to please people ranging in age from10 to 85.
                      I might use some combination of chopped nuts, sour cream or heavy cream and chives. I still did not make up my mind.

                  2. Buy or make corn bread. Cut into small cubes and make little croutons, I did it with left over corn muffins and it was good, I sauteed them in a little olive oil and butter with salt and pepper.

                    1. Lime zest and a squeeze of lime juice - whilst not strictly a topping, it goes really well with the (almost cloying) taste of the squash.

                      If you want something to actually scatter, roast the seeds and use those.

                      1. sunday suppers at lucques has a recipe for kabocha squash soup, which you top with pumpkin seeds spiced with honey, cinnamon, cumin, cayenne, and paprika. there's salt and butter involved along the way as well. can provide details when i have the book in front of me if anyone'd like.

                        1. How in the world can you decide? All of these sound fabulous!
                          I'd go the "make your own" topping and offer all of these choices. You only need a small amt. of each. Really wonderful suggestions.

                          1. A few I've tried that come to mind are toasted pepitas, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal (I've found that offering this topping is a great way to get the kiddies to eat the soup), Greek yogurt sprinkled with cinnamon, and whipped cream.

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                              Neat idea with the cereal - kind of like the crushed amaretti on pumpkin pasta I suppose!

                            2. I randomly made this early this week and garnished with shredded coconut, fresh lime juice and chopped cilantro. Yum!

                              1. thin slice of brie or crispy fried prosciutto

                                1. Fried shallots or fried leek. Or a spoonful of small diced spicy chorizo.

                                  1. I've topped it with a couple of small shrimp. I stir fried the shrimp quickly with garlic and hot pepper, and tossed them with a bit of chopped cilantro, then placed on top of each bowl; the soup is thick enough to keep them from sinking.

                                    1. I like seasoned croutons on my butternut squash soup. Or a little vanilla oil or truffle oil.

                                      1. I ended up serving the soup with chopped chives,chopped cashews and a squiggle of sour cream mixed with heavy cream. I had to keep it simple because we were serving 35 people.
                                        I will try some of the other suggestions when I make the soup again. It was a big hit. Thanks for all the suggestions.

                                        1. seasoned roasted cashew pieces