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48 hours in San Antonio, help me narrow it down

We will be in SA at the end of December, staying on the Riverwalk to enjoy the holiday lights. I have been researching and we've come up with a nice list, I think. We'd like 2 lunches and 2 dinners. I'd like your feedback along with what you'd order at the restaurants. (they are some what in order of preference)

Il Sogno
Las Canarias
Bin 555
La Gloria
Luke - new so not sure

Las Canarias
112 College Street, San Antonio, TX 72205

La Gloria
1001 37th St, Snyder, TX 79549

Bin 555
555 W Bitters Rd Ste 110, San Antonio, TX 78216

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  1. Great selection!
    I don't think Luke is open yet.
    Il Sogno is great, be prepared for a wait unless you get there when they open at 6.

    1. Rosario's is great for tex-mex food at reasonable prices. Margaritas are served in huge glasses! They also have live music on weekend evenings - a lot of fun! Acenar is also very nice - kind of modern latin/mexican, with a nice outdoor patio area facing the river, great food and cocktails.

      1. We'll probably be taking Bin 555 off the list because of where it's located. With our limited time we are concentrating on the Riverwalk, Pearl Brewery, and King William's area or areas closer by. Have we missed anything? It doesn't have to be high end.

        Chris Madrid's has been put on the list.

        Bin 555
        555 W Bitters Rd Ste 110, San Antonio, TX 78216

        1. On a trip to SA this summer we had great meals at both Acenar and La Gloria. I think you have a good list.

            1. Il Sogno is mentioned several places in the Texas board. this San Francisco-based hound & the lovely Ms Margaret, and a San Antonioan friend had dinner there this evening. excellent-excellent. want to thank the various Chowhound posters who have mentioned the place.
              we shared five small appetizers off the mixed antipasto table (a beautiful pea-and-mint puree; bread salad; goat cheese marinated on roasted pepper; fennel and I think apple salad; and roasted cauliflower, which had a mild Indian spicing); a three-leaf salad (chicory, endive and I think Treviso?); and a spectacular, soothing mushroom and onion-marmalade pizza. also a torte with Nutela and really strong, dark chocolate. two bottles (yeah, well...) of Montepulciano, and I had an espresso (driving).
              the cost? I'm not entirely sure as our friend treated.
              a very very cool touch I've never seen before: when tap water is brought to the table, the waiter also brings a tray of sliced cucumber and citrus, and offers you your choice to flavor your individual glass.
              highly recommended.

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                and the next day, we had lunch at Limon in the hotel Valencia...went in for the advertised paella special...but as this "next day" was a Saturday, this wasn't available. Our waiter, John Molina (if I remember correctly; he gave us a card, asking to be mentioned by name in evaluations on Trip Advisor, but TA required setting up an account, and I have enough of those, so this mention will have to serve...)...JM suggested a group of other dishes, we went with those, and had a great time:
                >crab cake
                >quesadilla with venison and raspberry vinagrette ("Bambi makes a nice lunch," JM said)
                >avocado salad.
                we each had a glass of California sauv blanc and walked out smiling.
                one reason might have been the decor: greys and metal colors in cool, rectilnear forms throughout the dining room. Another might have been the sheer quiet of the space after the hubbub and heat of the Riverwalk.

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                  I think the restaurant in the Hotel Valencia is called Citrus not Limon.

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                    More in reply to OP, and for benefit of anyone staying downtown searching for current (Sept 2011) update
                    Sandbar and Il Sogno now take reservations
                    New since 11/2010:
                    Gwendolyn-not Le Reve (though in same location), but excellent 100% locally sourced offerings by an up and coming star (Michael Sohocki)- $50-65 prix fixe at night.
                    The Monterey-small plate gastropub in Southtown-you can walk there from downtown.

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                      Another update: I thought Rosarios was terrible. Loud, neon, food really disappointing. Tito's down the street a little further had better food and is in a great old building.