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Nov 23, 2010 08:21 AM

Breakfast from Leftovers?

Yesterday I put on a pot of chicken-rice soup on to heat for lunch, and while it was heating I jumped onto a certain site which shall remain nameless. Well, I boiled the broth clean out of it, although it didn't burn, so I let it cool and set it aside in the fridge. This morning I shredded some cabbage and tossed it into the rice, and beat an egg and a tsp. of soy sauce into it, and fried it into a big crispy patty. This is really, really good! I may have to do this again on purpose!!
Another is noodle pancake; leftover egg noodles mixed with beaten egg and sauteed until brown in unsalted butter, flipped and browned on the other side. Actually good with anything, not just for breakfast.
Anything unusual you do with leftovers (planned or not) for breakfast?

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  1. not unusual, but i can make anything into a taco! i remember we used to go to TJ or Rosarita Beach and have lobster dinners and would always save some for lobster tacos with scrambled eggs in the a.m.

    your rice pancake reminds me of the ones the BF makes - he started doing it with leftover rice salad, typically with chopped up chicken, green onions, herbs. we've actually had those rice patties for dinner a lot. Ok, so maybe THIS is WFD instead! my dad has tons of leftovers in his fridge right now.

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      Lobster tacos in the a.m. just sounds so decadent and should be on brunch menus across the land - or at least where fresh lobster's available. With a grreat big mimosa, or just some champagne, or a nice cold sharp beer with lime....

      1. re: mamachef

        they went really well with our hangovers, heh....

    2. I love leftover pasta with scrambled eggs and red peppers.
      Ditto on the breakfast tacos of almost anything
      any left over made into a fritata...especially anything chinese..a la egg foo young.