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Nov 23, 2010 07:29 AM

Apple pie in a rectangle ceramic dish??

So I was planning on making a homemade apple pie for Thanksgiving. Only problem is I don't have a pie pan, the plan was to buy disposable but then I would have to make two pies based on my guest count. Anyways my point is that I started thinking outside the box and was wondering if anyone has ever made a deep dish apple pie in a regular baking dish. I have a ceramic stoneware type rectangle dish that is a little less than 3 inches deep. It ranges from 10.5-12in long and 7-8.5 in wide. Is there a way to make a pie like dish in this vessel or should I just buy the disposable pans and make two small pies?

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  1. Your dish is way too deep if the sides are vertical. You'll never get slices out intact. Even if the sides flare out, not every piece will have a side with crust, so unless you over-thicken your apples the slices will fall apart. Buy two pyrex glass pans, not disposable. They are about $4 each and are good multi-taskers for baking chicken or fish, reheating in the microwave, using as pasta bowls, etc. With pyrex, you'll have more even heat and will be able to tell if the bottom crust has browned enough.