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Nov 23, 2010 07:19 AM

On the Road-Adelaide to Sydney

Soon it’ll be Downunder for me for a few weeks of golf boot camp under the Southern Cross. While there I shall be seeking some pretty good stuff on my plate. Price, decor, who cares? February I'll be there. I hope to find small, family style, neighborhood places where someone cares about feeding a small town Mississippi man well. Some say, “Pubs are the best”. Some also say, “Australians have the corner on good food for a hungry man”. Lamb & Fish & Beef, Oh My. I must have Morton Bay Bugs.

The last week will be a driveabout from Adelaide to Sydney, most likely, but not yet set at Ayer’s, via a Murray River Road and on into the Blues. Bryson’s “Sunburned Country” hooked me. Before the drive, there will be a few days in Sydney, Melbourne, Tasmania, & Adelaide. Barossa Valley shiraz for certain to accompany me. Any suggestions?

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  1. Hello Christian,
    Adelaide is my home town, and there are some great restaurants from malaysian laksa stands in the central market, to more snazzy places - depending on what you are interested in.
    I recommend you get down to McLaren Vale, and spend some time eating and drinking down there.. It is fantastic and the food is great.

    1. Golfing will be on the Murray. The food centre round there is Mildura - more good places to eat than you can poke a stick at. Try the Spanish Grill for your dead animal fix.