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Nov 23, 2010 06:44 AM

Cookies made with leftover pie crust?

My husband's mother used to make cookies with leftover piecrusts. She basically took the excess crust, rolled them with butter, cinnamon and sugar (sometimes got creative with jelly etc.) and baked them with the pie. My husband really wants me to make them this year but I cannot find a recipe. Has anyone made these before? Thanks.

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  1. We call them pie rolls. Roll out excess dough, then spread a thin layer of butter on one side, then sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar (or anything else you like). Roll it up (a la pinwheel cookies) into a log, slice off individual rolls, about 1-2" thick, arrange on cookie sheet and bake. We also sling them in the oven with the pie(s), they bake for about 10 minutes, depending on what your oven is set on. Bake until they are light brown on the bottom and visibly cooked through.

    Edited to add: the extra butter is only necessary if it is an all shortening crust like my in-laws make. I do a butter crust so extra butter isn't necessary. I find all shortening crust lacks flavor, hence the need for butter. There is no real recipe for these, just a method. They are very forgiving.

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      Exactly. No "recipe" needed. These are so in demand at my house that intentionally make "extra" pie crust when I make pies.

    2. You just gave the recipe.

      Recombine and roll out the leftovers of crusts, cut, brush with melted butter, top with sugar/cinnamon sugar, whatever sweet you have and bake.

      In the summer, I make cookies with the store bought refrigerated crusts...cutting, topping only with sugar then rolling again, pressing the sugar into the dough.

      The crust flakes/puffs up when baked. Crusts are not sweet at all so that is why topping with sugar makes them a 'cookie'.

      1. My mom just always laid out the scraps on a cookie sheet, they were all different shapes and sizes and she would cut them if they were too big. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and stick in oven until cooked and golden. Loved em!

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          that's how they were made at our house, too. If we didn't eat the RAW pie dough before it got to the oven!

        2. You can re-roll it and spread it with good raspberry jam, drizzle that with some dark chocolate, scatter on some walnuts, roll and slice it, bake at 350 and call it Rugelach for the New Millenium.

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            similar 'recipe' in my family known as strudel biscuits - re-roll the pastry, spread with strawberry jam, cocoa powder, cinnamon and damp raisins, roll up slice and bake.

          2. My grandmother made these for me when I visited her as a child and called them "snails." Her pie crusts were made with Crisco and, like others have noted, she spread butter on the dough before rolling it up. I make an all lard crust and don't find the need to add butter.