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Nov 23, 2010 06:09 AM

If you must eat Korean BBQ in downtown Toronto which one would you chose?

I have friends visiting from out of town and they really want to do the Korean BBQ thing and it needs to be downtown. I feel like most options I've been to or seen are very chain type places. Anything that is even a cut above the average would be great!

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  1. I probably have tried all the ones downtown. I think the one at Yonge/College was the most 'ok'.

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    1. re: raebmv

      If you are referring to Grill Time, I agree, especially since Miga on Bloor closed down.

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          Also a heads up for anyone that's never done this before. It's not a good meal choice if you're going out after dinner. You'll smell like cooked meat for the remainder of the evening.

        2. re: LTL

          I believe there is a new Korean BBQ in Miga's place. Can't remember the name for the life of me. Stars with an 'A'.

          Miga Restaurant
          399 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K2P1Y3, CA

          1. re: Davedigger

            I believe you're referring to Arisu Izakaya. Unfortunately, reviews don't look too good thus far:

        3. I actually prefer the Korean Grill House on Yonge south of Gerrard because the first place I ever had Korean BBQ was at their location on Midland Road... but I know it is run by Chinese and that offends the Korean BBQ purists...

          If you want to spend the extra money and have the authentic version I think you might have to go to one of the Korean places on Bloor west of Bathurst.... I might be wrong but I don't think any of them are all you can eat, and I think Korea House actually brings out propane stoves because Korean BBQ is such a small part of the menu there.

          Korea House
          666 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G1L2, CA

          1. I like this place not sure if it's close enough to downtown , I go to the one on the north side, they have a grill in every table , all you can eat for 17.95 I think is the price

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            1. re: Dave5440

              When they first opened, I liked this place. Gradually though, they've dumbed down the food for a western palate. There is barely any kick to the kimchee at all, a most of the other food is bland in my opinion.

              I'd rather go to Korean Grill House - which isn't saying much.

            2. Can I leverage this thread to ask what you think the BEST place in Koreatown is??

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              1. re: KitchenVoodoo

                If I am in the mood for Korean style Korean BBQ and not the HK versions like Korean Grill House, my choice in downtown Koreatown are LA BBQ (606 Bloor W) and Mirak (709 Bloor W). LA has a more limited menu with the typical soups/stews and BBQ, while Mirak has a pretty good selection including some set menus.

                If you expand to the Korean area in North York, I would recommend Mot Na Son Restaurant.

                Mot Na Son Restaurant
                5374 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M2N5R5, CA