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Nov 23, 2010 05:46 AM

So--Where's My Martha Stewart Been?

OK. I realize that there are those out there who find my Martha Stewart annoying and controlling and rude. However, I have yet to make a Martha recipe that the family did not love or ask for more!

I can read her Martha Stewart Living magazine but..but..What the *()*) happened to her show????

It USED to be on that awful cooking channel which used to be Fine Living Network. I've only seen repeats of her show every now and then on Hallmark Channel (I live in the outskirts of Philly for local programming).

Anyone find her show?

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    1. I much preferred the content of the pre-conviction show, which had no live audience. Spontaneity is not Martha's forte. But there were still things to learn from the revampled format shows and, not having cable, I miss them. I think the syndication groups made a mistake by not keeping her on noncable network affiliates. A lot of her fan base is older, and less likely to have cable than the generation that grew up with more technology.

      1. She was on Colbert this month.

        And played along quite well.

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          OK, now THAT was funny! I can't see her having done that several years ago, but she definitely seems to have loosened up. :-)

          1. re: LindaWhit

            I didn't see that, but pre-incarceration, she was frequently on Letterman and was a good sport about being mocked.. She even read a Top Ten that was aimed at HER. And well before she had a regular syndicated show, she did a holiday special in which Miss Piggy helped her with a gingerbread house. Miss Piggy, at her sarcastic best, referred to something along the lines of "...5000 man-hours later", and japed that everything in the gingerbread house was "to code". So I think she's always had a sense of humor about herself. Perfectionism can co-exist with self-deprecation.